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How to get local Bluetooth Device Address

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Usually, the local bluetooth address of a device can be retrieved by typing the following star-hash code: *#2820# (*#BTA0#) The following code retrieves your local bluetooth device address programatically (Symbian 3rd ed.).

Example code

Header files:

#include <bttypes.h>
#include <bt_subscribe.h>





The following Int, Uid & Uint values are provided in bt_subscribe.h:

const TInt KUidBluetoothPubSubKeyBase = 0x10203637;
const TUid KPropertyUidBluetoothCategory = {KUidSystemCategoryValue};
const TUint KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress =
(KUidBluetoothPubSubKeyBase + 0);

The following Int32 & Uid values are provided in e32_property.h (included in bt_subscribe.h):

static const TInt32 KUidSystemCategoryValue=0x101f75b6;
static const TUid KUidSystemCategory={KUidSystemCategoryValue};

The following code retrieves the unique Bluetooth HEX-address:

TBuf<20> aBTAddr;
TPckgBuf<TBTDevAddr> aDevAddrPckg;
KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress, aDevAddrPckg);
aDevAddrPckg().GetReadable(aBTAddr, KNullDesC, _L(":"), KNullDesC);

Note: The Bluetooth HEX-address will be stored in "aBTAddr" and contains exactly 17 characters in the format 00:00:00:00:00:00 (i.e. including 5 colons).

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