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How to get project from CVS to Carbide C++

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Introduction and external links

As an example of CVS server the BluSPAN project is used. The CVS server is upon:

This example is originally taken from my nokia blog where bluspan project’s online journal goes. Blog is here.

How to get sources from CVS to Carbide C++ workspace.

  • Open new workspace in Carbide.
  • Choose “Window->Open perspective->Other->CVS Repository Exporting”
  • At the left side of window (on CVS Repositories tab) click Right mouse button and choose: “New->repository Location”.

Fill in following data:

  • Host:
  • Repository path: /cvsroot/bluspan
  • User: anonymous
  • Connection type: pserver

Contrib 003 i01 repository screen.JPG

  • After Location is created, click “Head”, then right-button click at the project you want to get and pick “Check out”.
  • You may need then to import project: File->Import->Simbian OS Bld .inf. The Bld.inf file is usually situated at “group” folder.
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