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The simple way

Get the tools and documentation

1. Get the Flash Professional from Adobe (free trial available)
2. Make sure you have the latest updates to both [[Adobe Device central|Adobe Device CAdobe Device Central and Flash
3. Read the documentation, get code snippets and examples:

If you need help

The less simple way...

(I'm not sure if below is still valid information)

1 - Flash IDE Professional Flash Lite updates for the IDE</sup> link

Flash Lite 2.1 update for Flash Professional 8link

Device Profiles updateslink

2 - Flash Lite 1.1 CDKlink

3 - Flash Lite 2.1 CDKlink

4 - Flash Lite 2.1 player (available for developers for free, need to register)

Flash Lite 2.1 player for Symbianlink

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