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How to install Java ME application in mobile phone

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Installing of java ME phones can be done in a number of ways

First you have to transfer the application to your mobile. You can transfer your application to the mobile from PC by making use of data cable, infrared or Bluetooth. You can install the MIDlets either with or without PC Suite.

On Series 40 phones the application gets installed automatically. On S60 phones you need to open message (in the inbox) containing the application and install it manually. However if you use PC Suite to install the MIDlet, the installation process is started automatically on the S60 phones, although you need to step through it manually.

Another way to transfer the MIDlet to the phone is store it (JAR and or JAD file) on a Web server and download the files using the browser of the phone (so called OTA download). Note that the server has to have the MIME types correctly defined:

JAR: application/java-archive
JAD: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor
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