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How to install Java ME application in mobile phone

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Installing J2ME applications to the phones can be done in a number of ways:

First you have to transfer the application to your mobile. You can transfer your application to the mobile from PC by making use of data cable, infrared or Bluetooth. You can install the MIDlets either with or without PC Suite.

On Series 40 phones the application gets installed automatically. On S60 phones you need to open message (in the inbox) containing the application and install it manually. However if you use PC Suite to install the MIDlet, the installation process is started automatically on the S60 phones, although you need to step through it manually.

Another way to transfer the MIDlet to the phone is store it (JAR and or JAD file) on a Web server and download the files using the browser of the phone (so called OTA download). Note that the server has to have the MIME types correctly defined:

JAR: application/java-archive
JAD: text/

There are four ways to deploy the application into a mobile device

Over-the-Air (OTA)

With OTA deployment, the MIDlet (Java ME application) is installed on a Web server and then downloaded to a device via the device's Internet microbrowser. A JAR file and a JAD file are required for OTA installation. The process begins by browsing to a page that includes a link to a MIDlet suite. The link is then clicked, which causes the Web server to deliver the JAD file for the MIDlet suite to the browser. On receipt of the JAD file, it is opened and its contents are displayed. The JAD file contains a description of the MIDlet suite, including its size, version number, and who provided it. A request is then sent for the JAR file and, finally, the Web server delivers the JAR file. Once the JAR file has been delivered to the device, the suite is installed and individual MIDlets can be selected and run.

Infrared and Bluetooth

IR or Bluetooth technology can be used to send the MIDlet from a PC to another device

Installing over a serial cable

If the device has a serial cable port and connectivity software for a PC, the MIDlet can be installed on the device over a serial cable.

WAP Push

We can send as a WAP Push messages, the download link will be send to the targeted mobile number. User can download the application by clicking the link.

WAP Push messages are specially formatted SMS messages that display an alert message to the user, and give the user the option of connecting directly to a particular URL via the mobile phone’s WAP browser

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