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How to load google ads in widget

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Created: rsuthar (16 Sep 2008)
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Now a days google provides google ads for mobile.

Mobile Webpage Markup Languages:

wml (WAP 1.x.) xhtml (WAP 2.0) chtml (imode, etc.)

Website Requirements:

Webpages must be mobile-compliant and developed with a server-side scripting language such as PHP; AdSense for mobile ad code will not display ads on standard webpages.

Ad Placement and Behaviour

Only one AdSense for mobile ad unit may be displayed per mobile webpage. A "double" ad unit can only be placed on the bottom of the page, but may appear above the page's footer (e.g. navigational links, copyright messages, etc.). Google ads displayed on a publisher's mobile-compliant webpage may not be modified or obscured in any way. After a user click, display of the advertiser's landing page may not be interrupted or prevented in any way. For instance, publishers may not display their own interstitial pages before taking users to the advertiser's website.

So create application and start earning

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