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How to make a call and send SMS from WRT

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Platform(s): S60
Keywords: Telephony,Messaging, Browser URI Scheme, Browser Protocol Handlers
Created: (January, 7th, 2010)
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  • URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier which is an application-level protocol used to obtain resources on the Internet.
  • S60 web browsers supports protocol handlers which will invoke appropriate application for handling different URI schemes.

Make a call

<a href="tel:5674534343">Call</a>
  • Above link when clicked brings up the dialog to complete the call.

Sending an SMS

<a href="sms:57454533223?body=This%20is%20a%20sample%20Sms.">Send SMS</a>
  • Above link when clicked brings up the SMS editor with pre-filled phone number and message body.

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