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Archived:How to send SMS/MMS messages using Flash Lite

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15 Sep
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Platform(s): Flash Lite: 1.1, 2.x
Created: soueldi (29 May 2007)
Last edited: marcelobarrosalmeida (13 Dec 2011)

The article discusses how to send SMS/MMS using flash light. A code example is also presented.

Sending SMS/MMS

To send SMS or MMS you have to use the GetURL() function with this statement in parameter:

 sms:aNumber?body=A Message


 mms:aNumber?body=A Message

An example:

myNumber = "4815162342";
myMessage = "Hi, This is my message";
getURL("sms:" add myNumber add "?body=" add myText); //Send a SMS
getURL("mms:" add myNumber add "?body=" add myText); //Send a MMS

In S60 phones, this function will not immediately send the message but open the built-in SMS/MMS editor filled with the given parameters.

Checking SMS/MMS capabilities

You can check if Flash Lite can send SMS or MMS by using this numerical variables:

  • _capSMS: Set to 1 if Flash Lite can send SMS. Otherwise, this variable is undefined.
  • _capMMS: Set to 1 if Flash Lite can send MMS. Otherwise, this variable is undefined.
  • In Flash Lite 2.x, it is recommended to use System.capabilities.hasSMS and System.capabilities.hasMMS variables.

An example:

getURL("mms:4815162342?body=Hi, This is my message"); //Send a MMS
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