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How to take screenshot on Windows Phone

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This article explains how to install screen capture application in unlocked or developer device Windows Phone.

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Here’s a useful utility for those of you who have a phone that is (a) developer unlocked and (b) interop-unlocked. There’s a new little toy out there that willl allow you to take screen caps right on your device without being tethered to the desktop.

The app is called ‘Screen Capturer’ version 2 as it now works on Mango devices.

How to Install on Unlock developer device windows phone

If your windows phone is unlocked i.e developer device, you can install 3rd party WP apps. There is one 3rd party app available in some Windows Phone related site to capture the screen of Windows Phone. Such app is not available in Windows Phone Marketplace so to install such apps, it require your phone to be unlocked.

You can download Screen Capture app from below link. http://windowsphonehacker.com/files/ScreenCapturer-20111022v2_patched.xap

Here's how it works:

  1. Open the app
  2. Set the timer on the top for how long you want to it wait before snapping (you know those timers on cameras? Think of it like that)
  3. Click the button on the bottom
  4. Head over to where you want the screenshot (press Start and navigate)
  5. Wait for a message at the top of your screen
  6. The image is saved under Saved Pictures in the Pictures hub.

Demo Video



You can download ScreenCapture application from here. ScreenCapturer_patched.xap

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