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How to use Messaging Filter in QML

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[[Category:Qt Mobility]][[Category:Qt Quick]]
[[Category:Qt Mobility]][[Category:Qt Quick]]
{{Abstract|This article explains how to use Messaging Filter in QML ... }}  
{{Abstract|This article explains how to use Messaging Filter in QML. }}  
{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.2 -->
{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.2 -->
|sourcecode= [[File:MessageFilter.zip]]<!-- -->
|sourcecode= [[File:MessageFilter.zip]]<!-- -->
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== Summary ==

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This article explains how to use Messaging Filter in QML.

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SDK: Qt SDK 1.2
Devices(s): Nokia 6-01 , Belle
Platform(s): Symbian^3
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Keywords: MessageModel
Created: (07 Mar 2012)
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Qt mobility messaging when used with Qt quick, involves the component of MessageModel. Due to a bug in the implementation, standard folders enums are not exposed to QML:

        enum StandardFolder {
InboxFolder = QMessage::InboxFolder,
DraftsFolder = QMessage::DraftsFolder,
OutboxFolder = QMessage::OutboxFolder,
SentFolder = QMessage::SentFolder,
TrashFolder = QMessage::TrashFolder

To add folder filters, one have to use the values by hand:

                        MessageFilter {
type: MessageFilter.StandardFolder
value: 4 //MessageFilter.SentFolder
comparator: MessageFilter.Equal
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