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How to use Qt Creator IDE

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[[Category:UI]][[Category:How To]][[Category:Qt Creator]]
[[Category:Qt Creator]][[Category:Qt]][[Category:Symbian]][[Category:MeeGo Harmattan]]
{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.1 -->
{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.1 -->
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|sourcecode= <!-- Link to example source code e.g. [[Media:The Code Example ZIP.zip]] -->
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* [[Import a project into Carbide.c++ from a Qt Creator workspace]]
* [[Import a project into Carbide.c++ from a Qt Creator workspace]]
<!-- Translation --> [[pt:Como usar a IDE Qt Creator]]
<!-- Translation --> [[pt:Como usar o QtCreator]]
<!-- Translation --> [[pt:Como usar a IDE Qt Creator]]
<!-- Translation --> [[pt:Como usar a IDE Qt Creator]]

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[edit] Introduction

Qt Creator is a new lightweight cross-platform IDE that comes in combination with Qt SDK. Qt Creator IDE package is very easy to install which offers fast and rapid application cross-platform development. Qt Creator IDE v4.5 includes several new features, but sees the greatest improvement via a concerted effort to increase performance across the entire framework. It's also the first release of Qt under the LGPL.

[edit] Advantages

Qt Creator includes an efficient tool set for creating and testing Qt-based applications, including:

  • An advanced C++ code editor
  • Context sensitive help system
  • Visual debugger
  • Source code management
  • Project and build management tools

[edit] Download link

You can download the IDE from this link: Qt Creator IDE

[edit] Start up with Qt Creator IDE

After going through following steps you will be able to develop your own application quickly and easily.

  • This is the Qt Creator IDE Welcome Screen where there is a sidebar on left which shows some tool buttons like DEBUG, EDIT, RUN, HELP,etc.


  • To build your first application in this IDE then press File->New in MenuBar


  • After Pressing the File-> New in MenuBar, a dialog will open and will ask for the type of application you want to make. In that Select Qt4 GUI Application.


  • After Clicking OK in previous page you will be redirected to Introduction page shown Below. Here Write the name of application, For Example HelloWorld.


  • In This page to select type of application(widget,dialog,MainWindow) you want to make.


  • After a sequence of clicks you will get all your source and header file as shown in figure below.


  • Click on header or main.cpp file and you can write your program an press RUN, your program will get executed and the result will be displayed.

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