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How to use Qt Creator IDE

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Created: (15 Jan 2009)
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A new lightweight cross-platform IDE that in combination with QT SDK.This package which is very easy to install and also application development is fast and rapid.Qt 4.5 Creator IDE includes several new features, but sees the greatest improvement via a concerted effort to increase performance across the entire framework.It's also the first release of Qt under the LGPL. Qt Creator includes an efficient tool set for creating and testing Qt-based applications, including: - An advanced C++ code editor - Context sensitive help system - Visual debugger - Source code management - Project and build management tools Download link: http://www.qtsoftware.com/downloads

How to use This IDE

Here I am going to shows how to work on Creator IDE V4.5.After going through all this i hope you will be able to develop your own application quickly and easily.

Start Up With Qt Creator IDE

  • This is the Qt Creator IDE Welcome Screen were their is a sidebar on left which shows some buttons like DEBUG,EDIT,RUN,HELP etc.


  • If You are eager To build your first application in this IDE then press File->New in MenuBar


  • After Pressing the File-> New in Menubar You a dialog will open and will ask you for the type of application you want to make.In that Select Qt4 GUI Application.Then press OK


  • After Clicking OK in previous page you will be redirected to Introduction page shown Below.Here Write the name of application,For Example HelloWorld


  • In This page You Have to select for what kind of application(widget,dialog,MainWindow) you want to make.


  • After a sequence of clicks you will have all your source and header file as shown in figure blelow.


  • Click on header or main.cpp file and you can write your program an press RUNPlay.JPG,your program will get executed and the result will be displayed.
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