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How to vibrate phones from Java ME

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To vibrate a MIDP2.0 phone in Java ME by using the following method in javax.microedition.lcdui.Display class.


The duration parameter(in this case 500) is the number of milliseconds the vibrator should be run.

Note, that the duration of the vibration can be limited on certain devices. For example on S60 devices the limit is 10 seconds.

For MIDP 1.0 phones having Nokia UI support you may use the following code which is deprecated in MIDP2.0 phones

com.nokia.mid.ui.DeviceControl.startVibra(50, 1000)

com.nokia.mid.ui.DeviceControl.startVibra(int freq, long duration) The above code activates vibration for a given length of time and frequency

To stop vibration the following code is to be executed

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