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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 mini
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
Keywords: QPainter
Created: (30 Mar 2010)
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This example show how to implement a custom QGraphicsWidget that uses not so common graphics operations. This widget is then used to trigger custom http-get-requests. Such GET-requests are commonly used by cheap embedded hardware to trigger a certain action. The usecase for this example is to remote control a media player by sending those requests when pressing on of the buttons.


The idea behind the graphics is to show a remote that reminds the user of a situation related to media playback. Digital pictures are usually composed of three color channels: Red, Blue and Green. Other colors are mixed from these channels. If these channels are shifted in position, the user will see the three seperate channels. This UI is composed of white controlls on a dark background. But whenever the user presses a control, the color channels seperate, orbit around the center of the control and the vibra goes on to simulate the effect of a motor or other device.

To be able to draw the three channels above each other and mix the colors, a special composition mode has to be set in QPainter: QPainter::CompositionMode_Plus.

Network handling

Originally developed to showcase the Qt Bearer Management Library, the example is meant to connect to a local network. To my surprise, I did not had to do anything but my phone automatically connected to the local network. Now the only thing that was needed was to issue QNetworkManager for the http-requests.


Button pressed

Keep in mind that the screenshot shows only one frame of the animation of the actual running application.

Testing the application

The example is either be meant to be compiled directly for the device or as a desktop application.

Download Code Example

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