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Import a project into Carbide.c++ from a Qt Creator workspace

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Created: mind_freak (29 Apr 2009)
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In this you will come to know how to import a Qt creator IDE 4.5 project into Carbide.c++, but before going through this I want to let you know that some header files and modules (ex:webkit) are fully functional in Qt Creator IDE but yet not implemented in that Qt Symbian

How to Proceed

You will have the below shown environment for Qt Creator IDE.


When you are preparing any project in the Qt Creator IDE, your workspace is automatically assigned (default:My Document for Windows XP).

Here Are some steps that will let you know "How to import that project in Carbide C++ which are made in Qt Creator IDE":

Step 1

  • Locate the Qt Creator IDE workspace and then locate your project ("HelloFriends" shown in the snapshot)


After opening this folder ("HelloFriends") you will be able to see some files (, hellofriends.cpp etc) shown in snap below.


Step 2

  • Copy the folder ("HelloFriends").


Paste this folder to the Carbide workspace(\Symbian\Carbide\workspace).


Step 3

  • Launch Carbide c++(program->Carbide c++ v2.0->Carbide c++ v2.0.exe).

Click on File->import. You will get a popup dialogbox asking to locate the .pro file from that specific project (Here is

Click on Browse and locate the .pro file from the Carbide Workspace(\Symbian\Carbide\workspace) as shown in snap.



Step 4

  • When the project is imported completely to the Carbide C++, Carbide will ask for adding header and cpp files (click->YES)


After importing you can see that a number of files have been added to the project.


  • After going through all the above steps, importing is completed and now open the file you have written that code in and execute it.

Note:some header files and module(ex:webkit,networking) are fully functional in Qt Creator IDE but yet not implemented in Qt for S60 v4.5

Another method

  • If you dont want to copy the project folder created using creator IDE than you can follow this step to run it from Carbide IDE.
  • From carbide click on the file->import and select Qt project. Now click on the browse and follow the path of your project folder.
  • Finally select .pro file from that folder.

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