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Inconsistency in displaying text which contains mixed Latin and Arabic characters on Series 40 (Known Issue)

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MIDlet developers must add an extra right-to-left mark (U+200F) character in the beginning of the text that is expected to have most of its characters from right-aligned languages, such as Arabic, Farsi, or Hebrew, intermixed with a few characters from left-aligned languages, such as English or French. This ensures that the characters in such texts are displayed sequentially as specified in the MIDlet's source code beginning from the right edge of the screen.

How to reproduce

For demonstrating the issue, create a MIDlet with a Form and add the following Strings to the form: "form.append("abc\u0626\u0624\u0625\u0625\u0625\u0625\n");" and "form.append("\u200Fabc\u0626\u0624\u0625\u0625\u0625\u0625\n");". The latter String is shown correctly because it has the U+200F character in the beginning of the String.


No known solution.

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