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Archived:Instructions for Flash Lite Components publication

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Created: jaaura (04 May 2009)
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Please follow these instructions when publishing new components

Step 1. Create a new page

Create an article providing introduction, download link and usage instructions of the component. Include category Flash Lite Components for the article. Create a new page Give the name of your component as the name of the page. Example: "Archived:Button Component for Flash Lite"

Step 2. Write the user's manual

Include at least the following

  1. General description of the component
    1. Purpose of the component, what it is used for
    2. Prerequiisites, Flash version, device model, software versions etc.
    3. Required level of expertise (beginner, intermediate, expert)
  2. Installation insttructions (mxp)
  3. Usage
    1. Methods, properties and functions explained

Step 3. Upload the files

Upload your files (mxp and/or FLA, AS) Upload files and images After uploading, link them to the page you created, using the media tag.

You're done

We recommend using the comment tab for commenting on this page as well as on the component pages.

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