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Java Games

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Created: fifers (21 Feb 2007)
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Java Games are games made for mobile in Java ME platform. The advantage is that these games can be ported to different platforms & from one vendor's phones to another's. The main constraint is the low memory of mobile phones. Due to this, steps need to be taken while developing the games to have the minimum game size as possible.

Generally Java (tm) ME games are done in 2D but nowadays 3D games have become popular thanks to Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184).

MIDP 2.0 has a Game API that allows developers to create games in Java ME easily. MIDP 1.0 (all the Java ME models in the market) imposes some restrictions, unless the device has an Optional API like Nokia UI API.

Different classifications of Java ME games usually made are:

  • Board games
  • Action games
  • RPG strategy games
  • Card games
  • Sports games

Based on the number of players, the games are classified as single-player games & multiplayer games.

Multiplayer games are those in which two or more players are involved. They can be using a Bluetooth, SIP, or WAP connection.

See Java ME and Gaming opensource book for guidance on making Java ME games on your own.

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