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Java ME Installation troubleshooting

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Created: internetlabor (23 Jun 2010)
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There are many reasons why the installation of the Java ME can fail. This page should help with identifying them.


Java Version

Some SDK release notes mention Java 5, but the latest version of Java 6 should be good. The emulators need a 32bit Java even when running on a 64bit system.

There can be different java versions, 32 bit and 64 bit, on the computer. To control which java version to use, there is plain a plain text file called "java" in the bin directory of the SDK. This contains the path to the jdk to use. (Sun Emulator and Series 40 Emulator, S60 emulator seem to be different, but how?) In S60 SDK, there is an config item that seem to controls the allowed java versions. the file is


The line needs to contain 1.6,6.0 so that Java 6 is recognized as allowed java version.

On 64 bit systems, the emulator can complain about the missing dll msvcr71.dll . This is the Microsoft visual c runtime. An work around is to copy it from the 32-bit JRE into the bin directory of the SDK.

Vista and Windows 7 security conflicts

It seems that you need to run the installer with administrator rights. Also, when the installation runs with a different account then the user which then calls the emulator, it may happen that the emulator starts on screen of the account of the installer, and the user does not see it.

Where to look for error messages

The Sun JME SDK uses an app called "device-manager". This is also responsible to register and communicate with emulators. The log file is in


The JME-SDK emulator stores logs in

%USERPROFILE%/javame-sdk/3.0/work/(instance ID)/device.log

The Instance ID may be different on each start.

S60 based emulators stores log entries in file


Other Resources

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