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Java Runtime Environment

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Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a software platform from Sun Microsystems that contains Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java libraries and some other components. JRE allows a computer to run Java-based applications.

JRE is needed by some of the Symbian OS and S60 tools, for example:

  • ECMT, a collection of tools from S60 SDK, e.g. remote logging, emulator configuration, etc.
  • SISAR (shipped with Symbian OS 6.1 SDKs and older).
  • AIF Builder (shipped with Symbian OS 6.1 SDKs and older).

Carbide.c++ and Carbide.j IDE, which are based on Eclipse, is also running on JRE. However, JRE is shipped together with the product; so the end users do not need to download JRE separately.

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