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libm provides the UNIX math library functions.

Provides functions like:

  • Trigonometric(sin, cos,tan, etc.);
  • Inverse Trigonometric(acos, asin, atan, etc.);
  • Hyperbolic(acosh, atanh, cosh, sinh, etc.);
  • Normalizing functions;
  • Rounding functions;
  • Exponentiation;
  • Logarithmic functions and some other mathematical functions.

All implemented functions behaves exactly as they behave in UNIX environment and some limitations are given below.


  • Floating-point exceptions are not supported, because there is no hardware floating-point coprocessor support in the current phones.
  • Complex number APIs are not supported in this library.
  • Since there is no long double support in Symbian OS, all long double version APIs invoke the double versions of the APIs.


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