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The following code snippet demonstrates how to list contacts in the default phonebook useing the Contact Service API in a Flash Lite 3.0 (supported from S60 5th Edition onwards).

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As per comments added by users: "When I start SWF or installed sis file it ask me to access my data and after I agree application close and nothing else happens."

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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
S60 5th Edition
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// Import Platform Service Interface
import com.nokia.lib.Service;
// Heading of the application
heading_txt.text = "List Contacts (firstname)";
// Create a new Service object which has Contact data
var contact = new Service("Service.Contact", "IDataSource");
// Define input parameters
var inParams = {Type:"Contact"};
// Define the result value
var outParams = contact.GetList(inParams);
if (outParams.ErrorCode == 0) {
var outList = outParams.ReturnValue;
var outputEntry = null;
do {
outputEntry = outList.next();
if (null != outputEntry) {
// Get firstname of the contact and trace it to the textfield
var firstname = outputEntry.FirstName["Value"];
text_txt.text += "-"+firstname+"\r";
} else {
} while (true);
} else {
// if errors, copy them to the textfield
var errorId = outParams.ErrorCode;
text_txt.text += "Error: "+errorId;


All contacts of the default phonebook are displayed.

Example application

The following sample application has been tested in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (S60 5th edition, Flash Lite 3.0).

File:FlashLite List Contacts.zip

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