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Local Landmark Database Manager

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[[Category:Location]][[Category:Symbian C++]]
[[Category:Location]][[Category:Symbian C++]]
[[Category:Location]][[Category:Symbian C++]]
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Source code (with detailed comments): [[Image:Lldbman.zip]]
Source code (with detailed comments): [[Image:Lldbman.zip]]
[http://mosh.nokia.com/content/4CE1DF98D9C610A1E040050A44302864 '''MOSH page''']
==Internal Links==
==Internal Links==
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*[[Execution of landmark operations]]
*[[Execution of landmark operations]]
[[Category:Code Examples]]
[[Category:How To]]
[[Category:Code Examples]][[Category:How To]]

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ID   Creation date May 10, 2008
Platform S60 3rd, S60 3rd FP1 Tested on devices N95 8Gb
Category Symbian C++ Subcategory Location
Keywords: Landmark Databases

Local Landmark Database Manager (v 1.1.0)

This application allows you to manage the local landmark databases and supports the following operations:

  • show info about the specified database
  • create new local database (user must specify the URI)
  • delete selected database
  • mark selected database as default database ( displays red icon )
  • copy selected database
  • change name for the selected database
  • export selected database to the file ( user must specify the name of the file )
  • import all landmarks from the specified file to the selected DB
  • compact the specified database
  • delete all landmarks from the specified database

The main API of the application engine is "Landmarks Database Management API". All lengthy operations are performed consistently, step by step. The progress of the operation execution is displayed with the help of progress dialog.


The base class for all lengthy operations is CLmOperationHandler. This class contains all necessary data for working with active objects. Descendants of this class:

  • CLmOpDbInitHandler
  • CLmOpDbClearHandler
  • CLmOpDbCompactHandler
  • CLmOpDbImportHandler
  • CLmOpDbExportHandler

provide implementation of several methods ( main method- void ExecL() ) to implement specific logic.

Source code (with detailed comments): File:Lldbman.zip

Internal Links

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