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Localizing application help on Symbian

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ID   Creation date 31/01/2008
Platform S60 3rd Ed. MR Tested on devices Nokia E90
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This code example describes how to localize the help files of the application.

This snippet can be self-signed.


1. Create a help file for all the languages that you need to support. See [1] for information on implementing the help files.

2. Edit the makefile (group\help.mk) so that it compiles the localized help resources:

makmake :
cshlpcmp ..\help\help_sc.xml
cshlpcmp ..\help\help_09.xml
ifeq (WINS, $(findstring WINS, $(PLATFORM)))
copy ..\help\App_sc.hlp $(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\$(PLATFORM)\c\resource\help
copy ..\help\App_09.hlp $(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\$(PLATFORM)\c\resource\help
clean :
del ..\help\App_sc.hlp
del ..\help\App_sc.hlp.hrh
del ..\help\App_09.hlp
del ..\help\App_09.hlp.hrh
bld :
cshlpcmp ..\help\help_sc.xml
cshlpcmp ..\help\help_09.xml
ifeq (WINS, $(findstring WINS, $(PLATFORM)))
copy ..\help\App_sc.hlp $(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\$(PLATFORM)\c\resource\help
copy ..\help\App_09.hlp $(EPOCROOT)\epoc32\$(PLATFORM)\c\resource\help
freeze lib cleanlib final resource savespace releasables :

Note! When editing the makefile, make sure that you use tabulators instead of spaces. (If you don't, the error you would get is: "HELP.MK:27: *** missing separator. Stop.")

3. Wherever you have used App.hlp.hrh, you should now use App_sc.hlp.hrh, because KContextApplication constant can be found from there:

#include "App_sc.hlp.hrh"

Make sure that you use the same identifier in each help file (rtf), so that it doesn't matter which one of the hrh files you include.

4. Insert the LANG-attribute as well as all the help-related files into the group\[app].mmp file:

LANG            SC 01 09
DOCUMENT help_sc.rtf
DOCUMENT help_09.rtf
DOCUMENT help_sc.xml
DOCUMENT help_09.xml
DOCUMENT custom.xml

5. Make sure the localized help resources get compiled into sis package (see sis\[app].pkg):

} -"!:\resource\help\App.hlp"

6. Compile the files and create the sis package.

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