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MIB: Marketing In Box made marketing easy

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This article explains how to use Nokia Marketing In Box to generate promo video, web page, Facebook page tab, banner for website, spotlight, and NAX.

Note.pngNote: This is a community entry in the Series 40 Webinars - Contribute and win with Marketing in a Box competition.

For a solo developer like me, when you develop a cool and innovative app there are several questions wondering in mind!
How much money should I spend for marketing my apps? Who is the best marketing solution provider for me? Which marketing strategy suits best to my budget? Is there any free ad hosting service? How can I create a webpage, Facebook page so I can keep in touch with my customers? How, why, where, when.
Now, it’s the time to say goodbye to the middle man! Save your budget for next app and bookmark your releasing date on calendar. Think only about how to release it and when to release it. Yes with Nokia Marketing In Box (MiB), you can generate webpage, Facebook page tab, Promotion video and banner for website, Nokia store, NAX in a fingertip. MIB made that much easy. Say thanks to Nokia.
So what are you waiting for? First go to MiB guidance Page and download step by step guidelines for promoting your apps.
Now, you may have some new questions arising in mind. For the first time, I too had these questions: How to generate banner and videos? What things I need? Do I need to upload screen shots? Etc. etc. etc. Just forget it?
It’s too simple. In 4 simple steps you can generate the banners for your "cool app".


Quick Walk through

Before getting in to actual generation of banners, promo video and webpage. Lets have a quick look at MiB.
To begin with, go to MiB page. The page has basically 3 tabs.

  • 1st tab gives you an Overview.
  • 2nd tab says “Marketing Guidelines”. Contains some required information and also eBook “A Shortcut to Marketing Success – The must have guide for promoting your app”, our great Guru.
  • 3rd tab says “Digital Marketing Toolkit”. Everyone’s favorite.

Note.pngNote: To use MiB you need to login in to your Nokia Developer account. If you don't have, you can register here.

Digital Marketing Toolkit

What is Digital Marketing Toolkit?

When you login in to Digital Marketing Toolkit, it says:
“Nokia’s Digital Marketing Toolkit gives you an easy solution to help you introduce your application to the market. This free toolkit lets you create professional quality promotional videos, websites, Facebook tabs and banners so you can start turning your app into a success. “

With Digital Marketing Toolkit, you can create marketing assets like:

  • Promo Video
  • Website
  • Facebook page tab
  • Banners

Tip.pngTip: Click on Promo Video, Website, Facebook Tab, Banners icon on right side to know why you need these assets for promoting your app.

Digital Marketing Toolkit supports these devices:

  • Nokia Asha 303
  • Nokia Asha 311
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Nokia Lumia 900

In simple, you can generate assets for the apps you have developed for Series 40, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 phones.

Digital Marketing Toolkit supports multiple languages, so that you can localize your promotion and reach the customers in their local language.

First look at Digital Marketing Toolkit

When you login in to the Digital Marketing Toolkit. You can see 3 many sections.

  • At Right, you can see the Overview of Digital Marketing Toolkit and also the icons, that I mentioned above.
Digital Marketing Toolkit, Right side of page

  • At Left, the first box says Name your Marketing Kit - Here you can create a new Marketing Kit. Second box says Select the assets that you would like to create - Here you select the option that you would like Digital Marketing Toolkit to generate for you. Next one says Select the platform of your application - here you can select the application platform. Next one says Choose a Language - Select a language to be used for promotion.
Digital Marketing Toolkit, Left side of page

  • At Bottom, you can see something like My Marketing Kits - Here you can view, edit, delete and resume the previously created Marketing Kits.
Digital Marketing Toolkit, My Marketing Kits, Bottom of the page

Interface so simple that you can access your assets in a hand.

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