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MIDP 2.0

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[http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/Java_ME_Developers_Library Nokia Java ME Developer's Library ]
[http://library.forum.nokia.com/index.jsp?topic=/Java_Developers_Library/GUID-5D55EA03-888E-437A-9498-82F606097B48_cover.html Nokia Java ME Developer's Library ]
JCP specification:
JCP specification:
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Sun java
Sun java

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MIDP 2.0 (JSR 118) is an extension and enhancement of the MIDP 1.0. All the mobile phones that are coming today are MIDP 2.0 specific phones. This devices also supports MIDP 1.0 applications and games.

This profile usually run over CLDC 1.1. Older ones run over CLDC 1.0. It is included in JTWI and MSA standards.


Enhancements from the MIDP 1.0 are:

  • Security
  • Application signing
  • Supports of audio playback
  • Supports of fullscreen mode in LCDUI
  • Includes Game API for game programming
  • Supports HTTPS for secure connections
  • Can work better with RGB images
  • New controls and features for high level UI
  • Push Architecture

Nokia adds MIDP 2.0 support from Series 40 2nd Edition, S60 2nd Edition, and Series 80.

Usually, we can find additional APIs installed on MIDP 2.0 devices, like MMAPI for Multimedia or WMA for messaging. See other APIs in Category:Java ME APIs


Nokia Java ME Developer's Library

JCP specification: http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=118

Sun java http://developers.sun.com/mobility/midp/articles/midp20/

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