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MIDlet JAR Manifest essentials

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Platform(s): Series 40 3rd Edition (initial release)
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Series 40 3rd Edition (initial release)
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The manifest provides information about the contents of the JAR file. MIDP implementations MUST implement handling of lines longer than 72 bytes as defined in the manifest specification. An attribute MUST not appear more than once within the manifest. If an attribute is duplicated the effect is unspecified. Manifest attributes are passed to the MIDlet when requested using the MIDlet.getAppProperty method, unless the attribute is duplicated in the application descriptor

Must Have Attributes

  • MIDlet-Name :The name of the MIDlet suite
  • MIDlet-Version :The version number of the MIDlet suite.
  • MIDlet-Vendor :The name of vendor that provides/creates the MIDlet suite.
  • MIDlet-<n> for each MIDlet :The name, icon, and class of the nth MIDlet in the JAR file separated by a comma. The lowest value of <n> MUST be 1 and consecutive ordinals MUST be used. The first missing entry terminates the list. Any additional entries are ignored. Leading and trailing spaces in name, icon and class are ignored.
  • MicroEdition-Profile :The MIDprofile veing used eg:MIDP1.0
  • MicroEdition-Configuration :The Configuration being used eg:CLDC1.0

May contain Attributes

  • MIDlet-Description :Usually a short discription about the MIDlet
  • MIDlet-Icon :Its the absolute name of a PNG file within the JAR used to represent the MIDlet suite. It is the icon that the AMS(Application Management Software) displays.
  • MIDlet-Info-URL :A URL for information describing the MIDlet suite.
  • MIDlet-Data-Size :The data storage size that can be used eg:1024
  • MIDlet-Permissions :Zero or more permissions that are critical to the function of the MIDlet suite.
  • MIDlet-Permissions-Opt :Zero or more permissions that are non-critical to the function of the MIDlet suite.
  • MIDlet-Push-<n> :Register a MIDlet to handle inbound connections.
  • MIDlet-Install-Notify : The URL to be notified after installation of MIDlet
  • MIDlet-Delete-Notify : The URL to be notified after deletion of MIDlet
  • MIDlet-Delete-Confirm

Any application-specific attributes that do not begin with MIDlet- or MicroEdition- which can be read later in code

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