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Marketing Guidance for Developers

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Marketing in a box is an initiative by Nokia for helping developers to market their applications innovatively in order to increase downloads and make more revenue.There are two sections under marketing in a box.One is marketing guidance.Other is Digital marketing toolkit.This article talks about marketing guidance



The marketing guidance consists of set of guidelines on what to do to make sure that your app is a success.There are various techniques and strategies that can be done in various stages of an application inorder to bring success.Creativity plays a major role in it.This article is inspired by the official marketing guide and my own personal experience.You can check out the official marketing guide from here

Simply speaking,for marketing an app, there are 3 phases to be considered

  1. Development phase.
  2. Pre-launch.
  3. Post-launch.

Development Phase

You have a great idea which you wish to take shape as an application.Here are a few things to keep in check while writing the code :

Icon : The first thing which attracts a user is the Icon,followed by the app name.Sometimes it is vice versa.Only after that do they proceed to read the description.Hence spend as much time working on the icon,as you do on coding it.Having a designer also helps.

App Name : A very good name for the app is essential to stand apart in the crowd.Creativity plays a major role.It is important to have app names that are easy to remember so that users can find your app again quickly and can talk about it to others.

Know your Audience : It is important to know your customers needs and expectations while developing any app.Do a background study about the location where you target the app.Make sure users there are able to understand and use the application in the local language.Keep asking yourself this question If i am a user who is using this app, how will I feel?

UX : A good user experience not only makes your app easy to use,but it also helps in boosting your sales indirectly.Good UX results in a great app.A great app generates happy customers.Happy customers can give you Word-of-Mouth marketing!! Hence pay close attention to small details,review your design iteratively.A small change can make the difference between a frustrated customer and a happy customer.

In-app Sharing  : Social networks are ubiquitous in the present era.Make sure that cash in on that too.Give options within the app for posting into social networks from within the app.You will get free marketing from the post in their social network of choice.


When your app is finally ready,here are a few things you can do before you go for the big launch.

Social Networking : Get your social gears up and running.Create a facebook page for your app.You can also create a Facebook tab with Nokia's Digital Marketing Tools.Use them to make sure you can reach to your audience quickly and easily.

Search -Engine-Optimization : An app which cannot be discovered is of no use at all.It is important to make sure that the keywords chosen for your app covers all possible scenarios.The Nokia marketing guide gives a good overview on SEO.

Websites and blogs  : Create a blog or website for your app.Use it for promoting your apps,displaying all the apps made,customer support etc.Make they are easy to use.They will be a vital tool once the app launched.You can use Nokia's Digital Marketing Tools for creating websites easily.

Timing : Time your launch such that it occurs at points where you can expect a good public reaction.Keep in mind the festivities,situation and public mood while choosing the date.


Once your app is launched,it becomes important for the app to be visible to a large number of customers.Listed below are a few ways

Paid marketing : If you have the money,you can consider paid marketing service.This include mobile advertising,video advertising,search engine marketing etc.You can create assets needed for mobile or video advertising with the Digital Marketing Toolkit.

Reviews : There are various websites which are known for reviewing technology.They have huge traffic to their website daily.Distribute your apps to them for a review.It can help boost your downloads exponentially.Try spreading the word via print media as well.

Social Networking : Use social networking vigorously to make the app's presence known.Post about your app in various forums or discussion groups related to your app.Ask your friends to share the app.Keep your facebook page updated and constantly engage your users there.

Contests and Showcasing : There are many contests and events happening worldwide where you can participate and showcase your application.If you the win a contest,it will help boost your downloads considerably.You will get free promotion.

Offers : For in-app-purchase or paid-app business model ,you can try giving discounts or promotional activities for specific periods of time.That will help increase your customer base.You can use this increase in customer base to your advantage for your next application.

Maintenance and support : Use the website and your facebook page to offer support services.Listen to your user's feedback.Reply to any user's query as soon as possible.Value each query highly.It is important for the customer to feel that you care about the user's concerns and queries regarding the app and wish to deliver the best possible experience.A single customer lost can result in a cascading loss of potential customers.


There is no universal Best Marketing Strategy for an app.Lot of factors like timing,location,events etc influence it.The article presents various ways to market an app.It is inspired by the official Nokia Marketing guide and personal experience.

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