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Mobile Design Pattern: Home Screen

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Home Screen, a such important first impression of a mobile device.

Knowing the User


Most of the mobile phones has the same home screen how about if the mobile phone has the User Id or User Profile where he the details about the owner like.


2:Driver License



6:Job Description


8:What he likes

9:Favorite Food,Destination, Nightmare etc.


  • If the user is a business man more Business style Desk look could be given.One touch access to emails,messages,any notification,calender,appointment,weather etc.

SpbMobileShell15.png E71.jpg

  • If a student or college going more stylish ,music player short cuts,To do list,reminder,birthday,things which are important for a college student,whats happening around,connecting to social networks etc.


  • Home screen is decided by the mobile by judging its profile or the user to has the option to customize the Mobile Desktop as it is now.

Home Screen Comparison


Features S60 small.jpeg Apple.jpeg Android-logo.gif
Customizable widget yes no yes(from SDK 1.5)
Network Signal yes yes yes
Custom Command Button on Desktop(i.e Shortcut of Application) yes no
Notification(incoming sms,call) yes yes yes

Key Points

  • Should be Cool.
  • One touch access to all important application.
  • More informative.
  • More customizable.
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