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Mobile Design Pattern: Menu Theme of Mobile Screen

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Created: rahulvala (30 Jun 2009)
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This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.


[edit] Description

A menu theme in mobile is very important in accessing any of the application from the menu bar.

Menu contains the icons in the screen; by touching the icon user can open any application, like Mp3 player, SMS, Browser, Contact, Dialer, Maps.



[edit] Advantages

  • Theme makes better look of mobile.
  • It gives basic information e.g. date and time very fast.
  • Some themes contains standard shortcut like sms, mp3.
  • Theme gives graphical look to the application.
  • By one click we can open required application in mobile.



[edit] Disadvantage

  • By touching the other icon user will open unwanted application.

[edit] Use when

We can use the theme when we need some graphical look to the application.

When we need to open the application very fast touch menu bar is used. Theme gives better look to the mobile phone.

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