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Mobile Design Pattern: Notification Message

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[[Category:Mobile Design Patterns]]

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Created: rahulvala (28 Jun 2009)
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This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.


[edit] Description

Notification in mobile is very necessary. There are two types of notification in mobile. One is generated by mobile and other is sent by mobile operated company. Notification is also called instant message. In notification small widget appear in the screen menu. The different types of mobile notification are given below.




[edit] Advantage

  • User gets information very fast.
  • Email, SMS and GPS notification is very important.
  • Emergency services are possible by this notification.



[edit] Disadvantage

• Some notification produces sound when message arrive, while some are silent.



[edit] Use when

It is generally used by mobile operator to send business related news. Used by country when earthquake arrive. It is used by mobile by producing SMS, MMS, GPS, Email related news. .

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