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Mobile Design Pattern: Notifications

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Notification mechanism is an essential part for any mobile device. Mobile have events like Call, SMS, e-mail and bluetooth request. An efficient notification mechanism gives user easy and fast access to events. There are different ways by which one can provide notifications:

Symbol Based Notification

In this mechanism any event's notification is provided with displaying some symbol in notification area. We can divide this in two categories:


In this case, user can directly have interaction with the Notification symbols. By selecting notification user can directly go to its service section where he/she can handle event which has cause the notification. This is very effective in case of touch input based devices.

Symbol based intractive.jpg
Figure:  shows a touch based interactive notification.


In this case, on occurrence of event user can see symbols in notification area, but can't have any interaction with it. User will get notified regarding the event but he/she needs to go to notification related service area by himself or herself and handle the event.

Symbol based nonintractive.jpg
Figure: shows Non-interactive symbolic notification.
  • Advantage of Symbol based notification is, it doesn't interfere with user other activities and can be present all through out while user is doing some thing else.

Menu Based Notification

These are interactive notification. It is generally shown on main screen of device. User can either service it or cancel it.

Menu based.jpg
Figure: shows an interactive menu based notification.
  • The disadvantage of using this notification mechanism is that it interfere with the use other activity. User have to cancel or service notification to remove it form screen.

Pop-up Based Notification

This kind of notification is generally used for those events which needs urgent servicing, for example incoming call or incoming bluetooth connection request.

Popup based.jpg
Figure: shows a pop-up based notification for incoming call.

Quick Response via Notification

By adding this functionality to notification system, user experience can be taken one more step ahead. Here user will be directly provided with the ways he/she can respond to event.

Action on notification.jpg
Figure: shows notification linked with the ways, user can respond to event.

Audio and Vibration Notification

This mechanism is very effective in attracting user's focus towards the event. Generally this mechanism is mixed with the above mentioned systems.

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