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Mobile Design Pattern: Scrollbar

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Created: croozeus (31 May 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (09 May 2012)

This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.

According to the Wikipedia: "A scrollbar is a graphical object in a GUI with which continuous text, pictures or anything else can be scrolled including time in video applications, i.e., viewed even if it does not fit into the space in a computer display, window, or view port."


Scrollbars are components/tools for scrolling or sliding content on the screen. The default or the built-in scrollbars are the conventional long rectangular scrollbars, preferably used with contrasting colors. However, today with many innovative design patters flowing out, there are varieties of scrollbar designs available. A use of good scrollbar makes the application have a more attractive user interface.

  • Long rectangular scrollbar - Conventional scrollbar


  • Showing arrows at top and bottom of the screen


  • Showing arrows at the bottom of the screen


  • Using a slider as a scrollbar


Allow other scrolling options

  • Allow scrolling by arrow, volume or any other shortcut keys.
  • Allow scrolling by the navigation wheels.
  • Allow scrolling by dragging the screen - for touch enabled devices.
Devoid of scrollbars
  • When scrollbar is not used but scrolling is allowed with up and down arrow keys (or any other keys) - the application fails to indicate the end of content to the end-user.

--Submitted by croozeus 07:39, 31 May 2009 (EEST)

  • croozeus
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