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Mobile Design Pattern: Search In Mobile

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}}[[Category:Java ME]]
This design pattern is part of the [[:Category:Mobile Design Patterns|Mobile Design Patterns]] series.
This design pattern is part of the [[:Category:Mobile Design Patterns|Mobile Design Patterns]] series.

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This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.



Search in mobile is very essential. There are so many examples at which we need to search the word. E.g. finding name from the contact list, finding the song from long mp3 list, finding the required word from the long assay.




• Some time we forget the file name at that time it is useful.

• User gets information very fast.

• Used in contact list, mp3 list, WordPad.



• The process of searching anything is time consuming.

Use when

It is used when we need to search the required data from the contact list, Mp3 list and from long paragraph. .

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