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Mobile Design Pattern: Smart wallpaper

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We can add the smartness to the idle screen wallpaper by automatically changing it after a specified interval based on user preferences.

Steps to design the smart wallpaper are mentioned below:
1) Organize the images on the device into folders. For example, put all movie related images into a movie folder, sport related images into sport folder and so on.
2) Set the time-interval to change the wallpaper.
3) Specify the folder from where to select the wallpaper.
4) Create a server application which will run in the background and will take the input from step 2) and 3) above.

Design Tips

  • Provide settings interface to the user to set the values of time interval and folder.
  • Provide an option to turn on/off the application.
  • The server application should run on autostart.
  • If user has disabled the wallpaper through themes, that should be given preference.

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