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Mobile Design Pattern: Stylish touch keyboard

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Created: rahulvala (27 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (07 May 2012)

This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.



Touch keyboard contains usual key to write sms or phone number in better design. All letters should have enough space in the touch screen, so that user can touch any letter by one finger. To make the keyboard stylish the background of the keyboard may contain picture or the small wallpaper, but it should not make any difficulty for identifying any letter.



• Better view • Fast access to the keyboard by touch • Easy to touch and view • Fast writing speed of sms



• Used only for writing sms, phone number and web address.

Use when

We can use it when we need to write sms, phone number by touch keyboard. It is also used when we need to write the web address or searching some key word from a webpage . It is also used when we need to write word pad or notepad.

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