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Mobile Design Pattern: Web Theme

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This design pattern is part of the Mobile Design Patterns series.



A web browser is a medium by which user can open web pages in mobile.

Mobile browser should capable enough that it gives better web browsing experience like computer.

In touch mobile web browser contains touch keyboard and address bar for entering address.

A web browser should contain zooming slider, back button to go in the previous webpage and refresh button.

Also it should contain the search field, tabs, bookmark and home page buttons.






• Picture in mobile should look as good as computer.

• Browser contains all the functions required in mobile internet.

• It should contain zooming slider, tabs, back button, and search field.




• Size of webpage is more compared to mobile screen; So It is time consuming to go one side to another side in webpage.

Use when

Web browser is very essential in mobile, when we don’t have computer at that time we use internet in mobile. .

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