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Moving scrollbar thumb on CEikScrollBarFrame

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[[Category:Symbian C++]][[Category:Code Snippet]][[Category:UI]][[Category:Code Snippet]][[Category:S60 3rd Edition FP1]]
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{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.2 -->
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* [[Archived:Using scrollbars in Symbian container control]]
* [[Archived:Using scrollbars in Symbian container control]]
[[Category:Symbian C++]][[Category:Code Snippet]][[Category:UI]][[Category:Code Snippet]]

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Devices(s): Nokia N95 8GB
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, FP1
S60 3rd Edition FP1
Keywords: CEikScrollBarFrame, TAknDoubleSpanScrollBarModel, TAknDoubleSpanScrollBarModel::SetFocusPosition(), CEikScrollBarFrame::SetVFocusPosToThumbPos()
Created: tapiolaitinen (01 Apr 2008)
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[edit] Overview

This snippet demonstrates how to move the scrollbar thumb to a certain position. This is useful, for example, after an external scroll (such as a scroll caused by program code).

This snippet can be self-signed.

[edit] MMP file

The following libraries are required:

LIBRARY eikcoctl.lib

[edit] Header file

#include <eiksbfrm.h>  // CEikScrollBarFrame
#include <eikscrlb.h> // TAknDoubleSpanScrollBarModel
CEikScrollBarFrame* iScrollBarFrame;
TAknDoubleSpanScrollBarModel iVModel;

[edit] Source file

The following code updates the scrollbar model and moves the vertical scrollbar thumb to a position specified by the model. The code could be written in CMyContainer::OfferKeyEventL(), for example.

// Update the model. Naturally, number 10 would be calculated, not specified
// as a magic number constant.
// Move the scrollbar thumb to model position

[edit] Postconditions

The thumb of the vertical scrollbar moves to the position specified by the scrollbar model.

[edit] See also

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