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Mobility Pack

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The NetBeans Mobility Pack is a plugin for developing Java ME applications in NetBeans IDE.

Mobility Pack can be used to write, test, and debug applications for the Java Micro Edition platform (Java ME platform). It supports many vendor emulators and SDK, including Nokia's one.


It supports:


  • Rapid Development Application (RAD) in Visual Design Form (GUI Builder). You can easily generate the application flow in design mode with mobile form designer.
  • You can add to your MIDP 2.0 form new custom controls developed by NetBeans team, like a Table-Layout control.
  • Supports SVG graphics (JSR 226) with visual designer, JMUnit testing, MIDlet signing, certificate management, integrated over-the-air emulation.
  • Add and execute device-specific code as configurations in your application to target multiple devices all from one source. It will generate one JAD and JAR for each configuration (f.e. Nokia S40, Nokia S40 3rd Edition).
  • Supports multi-language applications.
  • Supports web services directly from a Web Services API (JSR 172) enabled phone.
  • Integrates with Nokia's emulators and SDKs
  • Version 6.0 includes:
    • Visual Game Designer for GAME API Sprites, Layers and Tiles.
    • New Visual Designer with new controls, like an SMS Composer and a File Browser

More features in http://www.netbeans.org/products/ide/features.html#Mobile_Application_Development_w


It's home page is http://www.netbeans.org/products/mobility

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