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Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2

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Created: rebloor (26 Sep 3013)
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Announcements.pngCompetition Complete (24 Dec 2013): Please join us to congratulate the winners and also check out all the entries.


The Winners

We had some great submissions, but five stood out. The winning articles are:

For more information and to congratulate our winners, please see the blog. We'll be sending the winners their Nokia Asha 501 phone, Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones, a Nokia Portable USB Charger and 200 DVLUP XP points (developers in DVLUP-supported countries only) shortly.


The Nokia Asha 501 is rapidly gaining happy fans among phone owners and developers alike. The Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 and its powerful tools are your aid to the speedy development of Java app. The building blocks are in place for great innovation and we’re giving you the opportunity to show how far you can take Nokia Asha into solving health issues around the world.

Healthcare is being revolutionised by the availability of inexpensive mobile phones that offer powerful processing and local networking features, such as Bluetooth, coupled with affordable devices for monitoring an individual’s key health indicators – heart rate, blood pressure, and alike. In this wiki competition we want you to show us how far these possibilities can be taken on the Nokia Asha software platform using just the platform, or in combination with remote sensing devices. It’s your chance to make the world a healthier place.

The winners will receive a Nokia Asha 501 phone, Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones, a Nokia Portable USB Charger and DVLUP XP points (developers in DVLUP-supported countries only).

As this is a wiki competition we’re looking for great original articles, tutorials, and guides that show how to develop features for mobile health on the Nokia Asha software platform.

Getting Started

To start work on your mobile health article, first get to know the features of the Nokia Asha software platform. The best way to do this is to download the Nokia Asha SDK and start coding, while using the content of the Nokia Asha design guidelines, Java Developer's Library, and LWUIT Developer's Library as your guides. If you have an app on Android or BlackBerry then the Porting to Nokia Asha library will also be of great help.

You may also submit articles about how to implement mobile health web apps, but note that these will be evaluated alongside all other articles submitted.

How to participate

Write a great tutorial, guide, or article with code that shows how to use the features of the Nokia Asha software platform to address health issues in useful, imaginative, and innovative ways.

Before creating an article you should review the content in the wiki Java ME and Nokia Asha Web Apps categories, and consider whether your article enhances the existing documentation in the wiki, libraries, and SDK.

To make it interesting we will be breaking the competition into two segments. Articles that don't win the first segment will still be eligible for consideration in the second segment (where there will be more prizes). There is a benefit to contributing early and improving your article(s) as the competition progresses.

Here are the competition rules:

  • To enter, add a link to your article as a comment to this article.
  • The article and associated Code Example are submitted under the site Terms & Conditions.
  • Articles must be written in English. Translations may be provided in other languages, but only the English version will be judged.
  • The article should include the text: {{Note|This is an entry in the [[Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2]].}}
  • You’ll be able to win one prize only, regardless of the number of articles you write.
  • Teamwork is allowed and even endorsed, but only one prize will be granted to a winning team (this will go to the person who creates the article initially). Teams may also receive additional complementary Nokia products.
  • First segment articles must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on 17 November 2013.
  • Final (second) segment articles must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on 15 December 2013.
  • We'll announce the winners within a week of each segment closing.

See the full terms and conditions for more information.

The prizes

The authors of up to 5 articles will receive a Nokia Asha 501 phone, Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones, a Nokia Portable USB Charger. and DVLUP XP points (if the winner is based in a DVLUP country).

Two winners will be selected for the first segment, and three for the second.

In addition, winning a Nokia Developer Competition gives you instant fame and kudos in the community and promotion through Nokia Developer channels. It also looks really great on your CV.

Evaluation of entries

The primary criteria entries will be judged on are the relevance, usefulness, quality, and presentation of their technical information. Multiple entries are permitted, but will be assessed on their individual merits — a single great entry will win over multiple articles that aren't as good.

The entries will be judged by the Wiki Moderation team and selected Nokia technical experts.


Generic questions or comments concerning this competition should be raised as comments to this wiki page.

Stuck for ideas?

We're looking forward to seeing entries that showcase the possibilities provided by the Nokia Asha software platform to address mobile health issues.

Articles can highlight tips, tricks, and best practices for working with the Java APIs. Articles might demonstrate innovative use or combination of features, address real world use cases or provide comprehensive tutorial instruction.

To give you an idea of exactly how broad in scope we're hoping entries will be, below are a few ideas:

  • Using Bluetooth to connect to third-party health monitoring devices.
  • Providing a way for patients and doctors to communicate remotely.
  • Enabling users to track their health and well-being.
  • Showing how to use the New Asha UI to create an RSVP reader for the visually impaired.
  • Explore the possibilities of using the camera on the Nokia Asha 501 to act as a magnifying glass.
  • Social networking tools to reduce social isolation during sickness.
  • Medicine tracking and notification.
  • Emergency alarming and notification ("Dead man switches").
  • Innovative approaches for monetising medical apps.

Competition entries

All entries for the competition are listed below:

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