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Nokia Device Lending Libraries

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This article contains links to groups that maintain libraries of Nokia devices for loan to developers.

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One of the biggest challenges for developers is getting access to a range of test devices. While simulator testing is pretty good, and Nokia's platform promise means that generally devices in a platform version are compatible, there are always exceptions where a particular app does not work on a particular device.

Nokia provides Remote Device Access (RDA) for remote testing on a large number of device variants. However not every device is present, and even if they were, there is nothing like the rapid turnaround cycle of being able to test on an actual device.

This article contains links to local device libraries and remote device access services we know about, along with further contact details. Please add any addition details about groups and what devices they have in the sections below.

Group list

Group Location Devices Contacts
Clearleft Test Lab Brighton, UK N9, N96, Lumia 800 http://clearleft.com/testlab/
Mobile Portland Portland, USA TBD TBD
Local Device Program Tampera/Helsinki, Finland Nokia N900, N950, N9 http://meegonetwork.fi/contact/contacts-by-roles
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