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HERE Maps API - How to create a Context Menu

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This article explains how to enable right click on Nokia maps and add components to it - making the map tiles more interactive.

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This article refers to an outdated version 2.1.x of the API. Since version 2.2.x RightClick has been removed and replaced by Context Menu.

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Platform(s): Web browser
Dependencies: Nokia Maps 2.1.0
Created: Maveric (21 Jun 2011)
Updated: avnee.nathani (31 Dec 2011)
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When the user clicks the mouse right button, a RightClick event takes place. The Nokia Maps API there is certain functionality that can be attached to it and the opening menu.

In this example we will add Routing Component and the Search component.


These can be then bound to further parts of your program to provide additional functionality.


Nokia Maps API supported web browser (basically any modern web browser)

Important note about maps credentials

Nokia provides several services options within the Maps API offering. The service is free to use, but you must obtain and use authentication and authorization credentials to use the services. Please read the Location API Business Models and Usage Restrictions page to decide which business model best fits your needs. Authentication requires unique Maps API credentials, namely an AppId and a token. You can get these credentials free from the Nokia Developer API Registration page.


In the example we will add a RightClick() component to the map, then populate it with Routing and Search.

Example code

<script type="text/javascript"
src="http://api.maps.nokia.com/2.0.0/jsl.js" charset="utf-8">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
<div id="map" style="width:100%; height:100%;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
myRightClick = new nokia.maps.map.component.RightClick () ;
myRoutingComponent = new nokia.maps.routing.component.RightClick();
mySearchComponent = new nokia.maps.search.component.RightClick();
var map = new nokia.maps.map.Display(document.getElementById("map"), // new instance of Nokia Maps
components: [
new nokia.maps.map.component.Behavior(),
new nokia.maps.map.component.ZoomBar(),
new nokia.maps.map.component.Overview(),
new nokia.maps.map.component.TypeSelector(),
new nokia.maps.map.component.ScaleBar()
'zoomLevel': 8,
'center':[19.119, 72.8957]
map.set("baseMapType", map.NORMAL);



For more on Nokia Maps API

Please check out the Nokia Maps API full documentation and API reference here:

You may also access the interactive Nokia Maps API playground,

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  • Google Chrome 11.0x
  • Mozilla Firefox 5.0b
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