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HERE Maps API - How to interact with Markers

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Underconstruction.pngUnder Construction: (20120308150527) This article is under construction and it may have outstanding issues. If you have any comments please use the comments tab.

This article explains how to set up a map event listener so that designated markers on the map are interactive. If a marker is given an $href attribute, clicking on the marker will forward the user to the given URL. If a marker is given a $click attribute, the browser will run the text of $click" attribute as JavaScript when the marker is clicked. Through a combination of these functions most map interactions should be satisfied. Since only one event listener is created, but many map objects are serviced, this is an example of event delegation.

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Devices(s): Google Chrome 16.0.912, Firefox 10.0.2, Internet Explorer 8
Platform(s): Web Browser
Dependencies: Nokia Maps 2.1.1
Keywords: Nokia Maps, JavaScript, Marker, Click, Link
Created: jasfox (08 Mar 2012)
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First set up the map in the usual manner, then

map.addListener("click", function(evt) {	
if (( evt.target.$href === undefined) == false){
window.location = evt.target.$href;
} else if (( evt.target.$click === undefined) == false){
var onClickDo = new Function(evt.target.$click);

Adding Visual Feedback

Why visual feedback, how to do it.

function changeCursor(target, cursor){
if ((( target.$href === undefined) == false) ||
(( target.$click === undefined) == false)){
document.body.style.cursor = cursor;

Then ensure the necessary events ....

map.addListener("click", function(evt) {
changeCursor(evt.target, 'default');
.... etc ...
map.addListener("mouseover", function(evt) {
changeCursor(evt.target, 'pointer');
map.addListener("mouseout", function(evt) {
changeCursor(evt.target, 'default');

Create the markers ...

// The BLUE marker has a $href attribute and works like a link.
var brandenburgerTorMarker = new nokia.maps.map.StandardMarker(
new nokia.maps.geo.Coordinate(52.516237, 13.377686),
{$tooltip : "This is a link",
$href : 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandenburg_Gate',
brush: {color: '#0000FF'}}
// The GREEN marker has a $click attribute and works like a firing an onclick event.
var fernsehturmMarker = new nokia.maps.map.StandardMarker(
new nokia.maps.geo.Coordinate(52.520816, 13.409417),
{$tooltip : 'This has a click event',
$click : 'alert("Fernsehturm");',
brush: {color: '#00AA00'}}


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