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HERE Maps API - Reading and displaying Map Features

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This article features and example on how to read and display plus load Map Features


This example uses the Ovi Maps API Feature manipulation functionality, described in the API Reference here:


Please check it out for detailed description on the subject.


Ovi Maps API supported web browser (basically any modern web browser will do).

Example code

This example loops thru and displays the all supported features/sets and features of the current map. Then it also attempts to load features and handles success and failure, and in this example the load should be a success.

<script src="http://api.maps.ovi.com/jsl.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
<div id="map" style="width:80%; height:80%"></div>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
// This example will display first the full Feature Map components and then of those what
// are being used in the current map that is loaded and in use.
var map;
map = new ovi.mapsapi.map.Display(document.getElementById("map"),
components: [ new ovi.mapsapi.map.component.Behavior(),
new ovi.mapsapi.map.component.ZoomBar(),
new ovi.mapsapi.map.component.Overview(),
new ovi.mapsapi.map.component.TypeSelector(),
new ovi.mapsapi.map.component.ScaleBar() ],
zoomLevel: 4,
center: [52.51, 13.4] // default map center point (not the location retrieved)
//Retrieve Feature Map
var list = ovi.mapsapi.Features.getFeatureMap();
// Loop thru the features and show them in an alert
// Returns a map of registered feature implementation names per feature.
for( var i in list )
{ if ( list.hasOwnProperty(i) )
alert("Feature Map: "+list[i]);
// Retrieve Loaded Map
var list = ovi.mapsapi.Features.getLoadedMap();
// Loop thru the features and show them in an alert
// Returns a map of the names of fully loaded feature implementations per feature.
for( var i in list )
{ if ( list.hasOwnProperty(i) )
alert("Loaded Map:" +list[i]);
// Let's try add routing feature, it's not implemented in this example:
ovi.mapsapi.Features.load({"map": "auto", "search": "auto"}, load_Successful, load_Failed);
function load_Successful(result){
function load_Failed(result){
// --></script>
== Summary ==
Feel free to modify the code for your own purposes.
== Tested with ==
Windows XP Pro
Safari 5.0.5
Firefox 5.0
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