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Nokia Publish FAQ

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Registration and Account management

I do not have a Nokia Publish account. How do I register?

Go to and click ‘Publish your apps’. Next, you will be prompted to sign in with your existing Nokia account, Facebook account or Microsoft Live account. You can also create a new Nokia account. After this, you will be prompted to create a Nokia Developer Profile (if you do not have one yet). Finally, create the Nokia Publisher profile. From now on, you simply sign in to Nokia Publish with the account you used in the registration (Nokia Account, Facebook account or Microsoft Live account).

I am unable to log into my Nokia Publish account.

Log in to Nokia Publish by signing in with the Nokia Account, Facebook, or Microsoft Live account to which your Nokia Publish account has been linked to.

  • If you are sure you have linked your accounts, make sure you use the correct credentials when logging in. If needed, recover your password of the account you use to log in (Nokia Account, Facebook, or Microsoft Live).
  • If you have linked your accounts but you want to relink Nokia Publish account with another account, contact us at
  • If you have received your user account credentials but you have lost them before ever linking the accounts, contact us at

I registered to Nokia Publish but the account was rejected because my company already has an account.

We have a one publisher account per company (corporate account) or person (individual account) policy. Contact the main Nokia Publish user in your company and ask him or her to add you as a new user to the account. If you do not know the main user or if he or she is no longer in your company, contact

Why does my Nokia account say that is locked when I attempt to log in?

If you attempted to sign in with an incorrect password 10 times in a row, your Nokia account will be locked for 10 minutes.

How do I link my Nokia Account to my Nokia Publish account?

If you haven’t linked the accounts and you try to log in to Nokia Publish ( you will be prompted to sign in with your existing Nokia account, Facebook account or Microsoft Live account. You can also create a new Nokia account. Then you will be prompted to create a Nokia Developer Profile (if you do not have one yet). Next, the Nokia Publisher profile form opens. Click the ‘Already have an account?’ and on the next page enter your Nokia Publish username and password to link your Nokia account to your Nokia Publish account.

I cannot register to Nokia Publish with the login information that I received.

Please contact us at

I forgot my Nokia account password and/or username.

When you try to sign into Nokia Publish with your Nokia account, select “Forgot your password”. You will be prompted to:

  1. Enter your email address, cell phone number, or Nokia account username.
  2. Enter the characters seen in the image.

Alternatively, you can go to the Nokia account sign-in page ( and click Forgotten your password. You need to have entered a valid e-mail address or mobile phone number in your Nokia account contact information to be able to use the password recovery.

Can I un-link my Nokia account from my Nokia Publish account?

To un-link your Nokia account from your Nokia Publish account, please email

After we successfully un-link your Nokia account from your Nokia Publish account, you will need to link another Nokia account to your Nokia Publish account in order to access Nokia Publish.

Can I link my Nokia account to more than one Nokia Publish accounts?

No, you may only link one unique Nokia account to one Nokia Publish account.

Can I use the same username, email address, or phone number on several Nokia accounts?

You cannot use a username that is or has been used in another Nokia account, even if the original Nokia account has been terminated. The email address must also be unique and cannot already exist in another Nokia account.

The phone number can be added to a maximum of 3 different Nokia accounts.

Can I change my Nokia account username?

You cannot change your Nokia account username. However, if you set up your email address as your primary address, you can use your email address to sign in to your Nokia account, and won’t need your username any longer.

How do I terminate my Nokia account?

After you log into Nokia Publish (, you can terminate your Nokia account as follows:

  1. Click Edit profile
  2. Click Nokia account settings
  3. Click Terminate account
  4. Enter your Nokia account password and click Terminate account.

Alternatively, you can terminate your Nokia account by going to the Nokia account website ( and logging into your Nokia account. Then, select Terminate account and following the instructions.

Terminated account or user information cannot be recovered and the username cannot be used again.

How does terminating my Nokia account affect my Nokia Publish account?

After terminating your Nokia account, you will no longer be able to access Nokia Publish.

If you wish to link another account to your Nokia Publish account, contact to first un-link the terminated Nokia account from your Nokia Publish account.

If you wish for your Nokia Publish account to be terminated as well, please contact to ensure that the necessary steps are taken for a full deactivation.

Why do I need a Nokia account?

The Nokia account is a single-sign on mechanism that allows you to use a single account to access various services such as Nokia Publish and Nokia Developer. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account or Microsoft live account to sign in.

Do I need to register for a Nokia account in order to access Nokia Publish?

Yes, in order for you to access Nokia Publish, you are required to create a new or link an existing Nokia account to your Nokia Publish account. Alternatively you can use your Facebook account or Microsoft live account to sign in.

How much does it cost to register as a Nokia Publisher?

Creating the Nokia Account and registering as a Nokia Publisher is free.

From which countries are publishers not permitted to publish to the Nokia Store?

Publishers from the following countries are on the US embargo list and will not be able to register in Nokia Publish:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Ivory Coast
  • Zimbabwe
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Côte d’Ivoire

What browsers work best with Nokia Publish?

Nokia Publish is supported on the following browser types:

  • Mozilla Firefox (Recommended)
  • Google Chrome

Publish account options

Should I select Corporate or Personal account type when registering in Nokia Publish?

Nokia Publish offers two types of accounts:

  • Personal accounts
  • Corporate accounts

Individuals who want to distribute content can create Personal accounts in Nokia Publish. Corporate accounts are for legal business entities and must have a VAT or Business registration number and a Publisher Brand logo.

Corporate accounts have the option to apply for Media publishing. See Apply to be a Media Publisher on how to distribute personalization content such as audio, ringtones, or video.

If I register for a Personal account, can I change it to a Corporate account later?

Yes. Contact us if you wish to upgrade your account. Note that Corporate accounts are for legal business entities and must provide a VAT or Business registration number and a Publisher Brand logo.

What are the guidelines for Publisher Names and Display Names?

  • Publisher Name – the name that will be associated with your applications in Nokia Publish. The publisher name is not displayed to the Nokia end-users. Publisher Names are unique and will be verified during the registration process. For Individual accounts, you can enter your name as your publisher name.
  • Public Name – the name that will be displayed alongside your content in the Nokia Store. This should be unique to prevent issues with your Nokia Store publisher profile.

Can I have multiple Nokia accounts?

You can have multiple Nokia accounts. However, for each Nokia account you will need to register with a unique email address. You cannot use a username that is or has been used with another Nokia account. Note that you can link only one Nokia account to your Nokia Publish account.

Can I have multiple publisher accounts?

We only allow multiple publisher accounts if your company has different regional branches with different business addresses. The Public Name must also be unique to each other to prevent issues with the publisher profile in the Nokia Store.

Publishers are not permitted to create multiple accounts linked to the same company address.

How will I know if I have registered successfully?

Once you have registered you have instant access to Nokia Publish and you can start submitting your content. If we notice any missing or invalid information in your account information we will contact you shortly to ask you to complete the information. Note that the QA process of your content is halted until we have approved your account. Thus we strongly recommend you to carefully fill in the registration form in order to speed up the publication of your content.

If I update my profile in Nokia Publish, will the changes be reflected in my Nokia account profile?

No, any changes made to your Nokia Publish account will not be reflected in your Nokia account profile. Similarly, changes made to your Nokia account profile will not be updated in your Nokia Publish account.

If I use an email address in my Nokia Publish profile that is different from the email address in my Nokia account profile, which email address will be used for communication?

Communication from the Nokia Publish Support team and Quality Assurance (QA) notifications will continue to be sent to the email address that is currently registered in your Nokia Publish account.

Can I create additional administrative users for my account?

Your default user account upon registration has cp_manager status which means that you can add more users to your publisher account.

See the Publisher Guide: Manage user accounts for further details.

What are the different user account types?

There are three levels of access a user has for an account:


  • Add new users, assign roles to users
  • Edit the company information, which must be kept current at all times
  • View the agreements for the company
  • View all content items for any user
  • Upload and edit all content items for any user
  • View performance reports


  • View all the content items for any user
  • Upload and edit all content items for any user


  • View only content items they added
  • Upload and edit only content items they added

See the Publisher Guide: Manage user accounts for further details.

Where do I enter my bank information to receive payments?

To provide your bank information to Nokia Publish, click on My Profile > Accounts > Bank Information. See the Publisher Guide: Provide bank details for full instructions.

If you publish paid content in Nokia Store, you must provide your bank details to receive payment from consumer purchases.

A user in my publishing account is having issues updating content.

Request the cp_manager of your publishing account to review the roles assigned to each user. Only users with cp_manager and cp_developer roles are able to update and modify content.

Users with cp_developer_limited role can only view and edit content they have initially submitted themselves.

My account has been compromised and someone has been making unauthorized changes to my content items.

In the unfortunate scenario that your account has been hacked, contact us straight away so we can take immediate action.

Publishing Personalisation Content

How can I publish personalisation or media content?

To publish personalisation content, you must be given Media Publishing status. This is intended for 1st party publishers who own their content and all its inherent rights for distribution, or have acquired exclusive license to distribute content. This category describes a publisher with genre, segment, or niche content. Media Publisher accounts have a limit of 20 content items (paid and/or free) discoverable in Nokia Store at any given time.

How do I apply for a Media Publisher Account?

You must be a corporate company to be able to apply to be a Media Publisher.

You need to submit the following:

  • A signed/scanned copy of Media Publisher Application form
  • Samples of content
  • A Declaration of General Liability Insurance (GLI) with a minimum of $1M USD in coverage.

To apply for a Media Publisher account, contact us to obtain the necessary documentation and further information.

What is the General Liability Insurance that is needed to become a Media Publisher?

Media content such as ringtones and videos are highly susceptible to copyright or other IP infringement. To insure the publisher against potential liability claims, Nokia requires a proof of general liability insurance of at least 1M USD.

What types of content is available for Media Publishers?

On top of the regular content selections, Media Publishers are allowed additional publishing options such as wallpapers, audio, videos, and ringtones.

App Submission

General Questions

What is a content item or a content file?

A content item is an app or media such as a ringtone or wallpaper. Each content item has metadata (descriptions, keywords, price point, product icon, screen shots), and one or more content files.

A content file is the installable file that is downloaded to a device. For apps, these are package files that install the app software, for example, an .apk file. For media like ringtones or wallpapers, these are the media files, for example, an .mp3 or .mp4 file.

Each content item can have multiple content files.

See the Publisher Guide: Add new content for further details.

What types of content can I publish?

The available content types shown depend on your account type.

Regular publisher accounts will be able to distribute the following content types:

  • Nokia X application
  • Flash Application
  • S40 Web App
  • Java Application

If you are a Media Publisher, the web page displays additional content type options:

  • Wallpaper
  • Video
  • Ringtones

Information on Media Publishing can be found in Publishing Personalisation Content in this FAQ.

Publishing Themes is limited to selected publishers.

What content item type should I choose for my Series 40 application?

See the Publisher Guide: Prepare files for information on which file format is supported by which content type.

What devices are supported by the Nokia Store?

The Nokia Store can be accessed on a wide range of Nokia X, Asha and Series 40 devices.

Can I include ads in my apps?

In-app advertising is a great method of generating extra revenue for your content. For more information on the in-app advertising and potential third-party ad service providers, see In-app advertising.

Can I distribute my application to other channels besides the Nokia Store?

We do not prohibit publishers from distributing their applications outside of the Nokia Store. However, you cannot publish content signed by our Nokia Signing service to other channels.

Guidelines and Restrictions

Do you have any content guidelines?

For the latest official guidelines used by QA to test for appropriate content and technical requirements, see the Content Guidelines. For further details see also Publisher Guide: How we test content.

I do not have the devices to test for all platforms.

The RDA (Remote Device Access) service consists of a device pool and a desktop client application. The application provides access to the screen and keypad functionality of selected Nokia devices, enabling installation and testing of mobile applications. To install and test applications on selected devices, you need only an RDA account and a PC with a web browser. You can use multiple services simultaneously and can select and reserve specific devices. To learn more, please see Remote Device Access.

Language and country-specific restrictions

Are there any language restrictions?

See Language/Region Distribution mapping on how to select the language distribution based on the countries selected. Nokia Publish tool also guides you to select compatible country/language combinations for your content files.

Are there any country-specific restrictions?

Content submitted for South Korea cannot include games, videos, or Web TV content.

Some countries that may be sensitive regarding certain potentially offensive content can be found in the Content Guidelines.

Examples of potentially offensive content are:

  • Models wearing skimpy clothing or in sexually suggestive poses
  • Religious content and content for religious holidays
  • Gambling, simulated gambling, or casino-themed content
  • Alcohol and drinking
  • Bathroom humour.

In addition, there are some restrictions for content to be published in China:

  • In-app Advertising: Content with embedded advertising will not be permitted to be published in China.
    • Price point: Select one of the following price points:
    • Apps, Personalization Operator Billing― 1 or 2 RMB. For detailed price point information please refer Billing matrix
    • Games, audio, video ― free but purchase will be triggered once the content is launched and it can have price 5, 8, 10, or 15 RMB
  • Countries distribution: If your content can be distributed globally (including China), select “Global” in your country distribution.
  • Free Games: Publisher can directly publish free games into China, including a special disclaimer in the content description.
  • Paid Games and videos: Publishing games and videos to the China Nokia Store requires an aggregator company with a license to publish and sell in the China after signed specific Game uploading contract.
    • Nokia Coordinator: Clare Wu.
    • Nokia licensed partners for paid games are: Tom Online and Ifeng.
      • Tom Online: Zhenfang Li, HuanhuanWang
      • iFeng: Yafei Yu
    • Nokia licensed partners for video is CNR: Chenchen Huang
  • Unsupported devices in China: in China Nokia Store, most low screen resolution devices are not supported. Nokia 2690, Nokia 2323 Classic, Nokia 2330 classic, Nokia 2680 slide, Nokia 2720 fold, Nokia 2200, Nokia C1-01, Nokia C1-02 are not supported.

Which language and country should I pick for my application distribution?

See the language/region distribution mapping below on how to select the language distribution based on the countries selected. Nokia Publish tool also guides you to select compatible country/language combinations for your content files.

You can distribute only English content globally to all countries. NOTE: English (US) is limited to publication to Canada and United States.

Language Regions
Afrikaans Namibia, South Africa
Albanian Albania
Arabic Israel, Middle East and Africa regions
Basque France, Spain
Bulgarian Bulgaria
Catalan France, Italy, Spain
Chinese (Simplified) China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan
Chinese HK China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore
Chinese TW, Traditional China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore
Croatian Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia
Czech Czech Republic, Slovakia
Danish Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Dutch Belgium, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles
English Global
English (US) Canada, US
Estonian Estonia
Farsi (Persian) Middle East
Finnish Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
French Europe, Canada Asia-Pacific: New Caledonia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Latin America: French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique, Haiti, Middle East Africa: Algeria, Armenia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Comoros, DR Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Reunion, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo, Tunisia
French (Canadian) Canada
Galician Spain
German Europe
Greek Cyprus, Greece
Hebrew Israel
Hindi India
Hungarian Hungary, Romania
Icelandic Iceland
Indonesian East Timor, Indonesia
Italian Europe
Japanese Japan
Korean Korea
Latvian Latvia
Lithuanian Lithuania
Macedonian Macedonia
Malay Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia
Norwegian Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Polish Slovakia, Poland
Portuguese Angola, Europe, Latin America, Mozambique
Portuguese (Brazil) Latin America
Romanian Hungary, Moldova, Romania
Russian Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Serbian Serbia
Slovak Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia
Slovenian Slovenia
Spanish Equatorial Guinea, Europe, Latin America
Spanish (Latin America) Latin America
Swedish Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Tagalog Philippines
Thai Thailand
Turkish Cyprus, Turkey, Germany
Ukrainian Ukraine
Urdu India, Pakistan
Vietnamese Vietnam

Are there any language restrictions?

See Language/Region distribution mapping on how to select the language distribution based on the countries selected.

My web app failed Nokia QA and I was told I can’t publish paid Xpress Web Apps in the Nokia Store. However, I have seen various publishers who have paid web apps published in Nokia Store. How can I make my free web app into one that can have a price point?

S40 Web Apps created with Xpress Web App Builder can only be distributed as free content in the Nokia Store. However with Xpress Web App Builder and S40 Web tools you can add in-app advertising to monetize your Web application. If you wish to make paid S40 web apps, you can create your S40 web app with Nokia Web tools. Read more at

Submitting Content

How do I add a new content item?

See the Publisher Guide: Prepare files on how to add a new content item to Nokia Publish.

How do I edit my content?

See the Publisher Guide: Edit the content item on how to edit content.

How do I know if I have submitted my content?

After you have submitted content to QA, check that the item and files are both in Pending status. See the Publisher Guide: Check the QA Status for the possible states of a content item. Note: The status of the content item can be different from the status of a file. For example, the content item metadata can be Passed but a file can be Pending.

Can I edit my content after I submit my application for QA processing?

You can edit content at any time, during any content status. However, if you edit a content item or file that is undergoing QA, this removes the item or file from the QA review process. After making your changes, you must resubmit the item or file to QA. This restarts the QA review process for the changed item or file. If your item or file is already published, the published revision remains published until the edited revision passes QA.

If you are making just a small edit, it is usually better to wait to get the first version published, and then make the update. See the Publisher Guide: Edit the content item on how to edit content.

How do I protect my content from being illegally distributed?

To protect your applications with the DRM OMA 1.0 solution, please do the following:

  1. Go to your content item >> Content file tab
  2. Under Protection Type, update the field from No DRM to OMA 1.0.
  3. Click Submit Changes to QA

This is only applicable for the following content types: Flash Applications, Ringtones, Wallpaper, Themes, and Videos.

Which language and country should I pick for my application distribution?

You can distribute only English content globally to all countries. If your content is in another language, you must distribute to the countries listed in the Language/Region Distribution mapping.

If I make changes to my application after it has been published, does it have to go through the entire QA process again?

If you have only applied changes to the metadata, then you can submit it for a metadata-only update which will reduce the QA review substantially. If you have made changes to the file or files, the content will require full QA processing. See Content Processing for more information.

Content Processing/Quality Assurance

How long does it take for my content to complete the QA review?

The QA processing time for Nokia X apps may take up to 3-4 business days and for Series 40/Asha content 5 – 7 business days. You will receive an email notification on your application status once this is complete.

How do I check the QA status of my content?

If you want detailed information about a file’s QA status, click Details for the file to open the File tab For more details, click the Pending, In Progress, Passed, or Failed boxes. Also check the coloured status bar. See the Publisher Guide: Check the QA Status for the possible states of a content item. Note: The status of the content item can be different from the status of a file. For example, the content item metadata can be Passed but a file can be Pending.

How do I know if my content is published?

Once your content has passed the QA review and published, you should receive an email notification of this action. If issues have been found with your content, you will receive an email describing the problems found and the corrective actions needed for resubmission.

My content has been failed. Where do I find the reports?

If your content has failed the QA review, you will be notified via email with a list of found issues with your application. Conversely you may also check the comments log for these reports as well. The metadata failure will be captured in the metadata comment log while any issues with your file will be captured in the file comment log.

Preparing Apps for App Updates

See Preparing Apps for App Updates to understand how to updates work in Nokia Store.

What devices or content types support app updates?

Nokia Store supports app updates to Nokia X apps (.apk) and Java apps (.jad and .jar).

My S40 web app failed, QA is telling that it does not work, but it works well in the Web app simulator for me.

Check that you are testing with the ‘Cloud preview’ mode and not with ‘Local preview’. Web apps work in local preview because the local preview is essentially a webkit-based browser meant for debugging the web app. The Cloud preview uses a proxy server and behaves more like an actual browser on the device. During web app development, cloud preview and actual device should be used often to catch unsupported HTML / CSS features in an early phase.

App Signing

General Questions

What applications require signing for publishing to the Nokia Store?

Nokia X and Java applications must be signed before being published on Nokia store. Sign your Nokia X apps in the Eclipse IDE. You can sign your Java apps yourself or they can be submitted unsigned and then they get signed by Nokia Store.

What types of signing is offered by Nokia?

We provide Java Verified signing for .jad and .jar files.

Do I need a Publisher’s ID?

If you are getting your apps signed by a third-party signing service you will need to get a Publisher ID from the 3rd party. If you are getting your apps signed by Nokia, you are only required to have a publisher’s account on our Nokia Publish Portal and accept to Nokia Publish Terms and Conditions. A Publisher ID is not required.

Do I need to pay for Nokia signing?

The Nokia Signing service is free of charge.

How do I have a Nokia X app signed?

Nokia X apps need to be signed before they can be published in Nokia Store. The quickest and easiest way to sign apps is to use Eclipse ADT: in Eclipse ADT simply go to File >Export and follow the wizard. The first time you do this, you just need to supply some info for the key creation and the wizard generates a private key and a keystore. Make sure that the private key is valid long enough (at least until 22 October 2033). Note that you need to keep a record of your private key. If the app update is signed with a different key, it cannot be processed and published to Nokia Store.

I you want know more about signing, remember that signing Nokia X apps is the same as for Android apps. General info on signing Android apps can be found here:

As a summary, you should keep the following in mind when submitting a signed app to Nokia Store:

  1. All apps must be signed with a suitable private key. App submission is blocked if the app is not correctly signed. The publish tool will notify you about any detected problems. Some common problems are:
    1. App has a debug certificate. If you are using Eclipse ADT bundle, apps are signed with debug certificate by default.
    2. App is not signed at all. You must submit a correctly signed app.
    3. Certificate validity period is not long enough. The validity period must be ending after 22 October 2033
  2. It is recommended to sign all of your apps and all the versions using the same certificate. This way all the updates and other features are guaranteed to work.
  3. While signing you need a private key. Take good care of it. Create a strong password and keep it a secret. If someone gets a hold of your private key, they can, for example, replace your apps. If you lose or misplace your key, you cannot create updates to your existing applications. Previously generated keys cannot be regenerated.

In Youtube you can also search for “signing android application”, and you will find several videos demonstrating how to easily sign apps with the SDK.


How do I get my J2me file signed by Nokia?

See the Publisher Guide: Prepare Java apps on how to prepare Java applications for Nokia Signing.

What are the test criteria for Java?

See the criteria for Java Verified: Unified Testing Criteria See How to Conform with Unified Testing Criteria.

The flowchart and declaration document are ready for the Java content, where can I submit them?

When you are ready to submit your application, upload a .zip file containing both the Java supporting documentation and detail of content submission and flow diagram to the Additional Documentation field in your content file.

Content Failures and Issues

General Failures

The content does not display correctly when it changes orientation from portrait to landscape.

Content is not required to switch from portrait to landscape mode when the consumer turns the device sideways. The display can remain permanently locked in either portrait or landscape mode. However, if the content does detect a change in orientation, and reacts to the change, the display must scale properly. This means, for example, that in landscape mode, the side of the image must not be cropped. The display image must always use the full screen area available.

The selected language and country distribution do not match.

When you upload content to Nokia Store, the country and device distribution you choose must correspond to the language used in your content. If you want to distribute your content globally to all countries, the content must be in English. If the content is in another language, you may distribute it to specific countries only, which are listed in the section Language and country-specific restrictions. If you try to distribute content to a country that is not listed for your language, your content will be rejected.

My content was failed because when the content is suspended in the background, the content sound is not disabled.

Sound from the content should not play when the content is suspended, unless the content is a music player or a radio app. For more information on working with audio, see Publisher Guide.

Nokia X



The Java app submitted for signing does not include the Exit option

If you are submitting a Java app to be signed by Nokia, the app must include an Exit option. If you are submitting an app that is already signed, you do not need to include it. For more information about what to include in your app, see the Java Verified Unified Testing Criteria.

The MIDlet-Name parameter in the .jad file uses non-alphanumeric characters (S40 devices only). For Java apps that are destined for S40 devices, the MIDlet-Name parameter in the .jad file must use the following characters only: (A – Z), (a – z), (0 – 9). You may use spaces between characters but you cannot, for example, use (:), (;), or (‘).

Published Content

How are apps selected to be recommended to users?

Applications are recommended to users based on certain variables, such as include similar editorial selections, personalization history, browsing, and search behavior. In a future release of Nokia Store, there will be a greater range of metadata for the relevance engine to draw on, which will allow the relevancy engine to make more personalized recommendations. At the bottom of the homepage of Nokia Store, there will be a section for collections and the first collection on the list will be “Recommended for you”. The items in this collection are generated using collaborative filtering. This method looks at the items the user has downloaded and compares them to the download history across all users to determine that “users that downloaded this item also downloaded…”

Is operator billing supported in my country?

Nokia is considering operator billing as a strong asset for overall ecosystem, therefore continuing looking into possibilities for introducing operator billing in the countries where is not available yet. For the latest list of countries with Operator Billing, please refer to the Billing Matrix.

Can I delete my content?

You can delete content that is uploaded to Nokia Publish but not yet published, and unpublish content that is already published in Nokia Store. You can remove either a complete content item (which also removes its associated files) or a specific file. Note that once content is published, it cannot be deleted.

How does “Top Free”, “Best Seller” and “New” rankings work?

When an application gets published on the Nokia store, it will surface in the New section in the store for extra visibility. After 7 days, it will be placed in the Top Free/Best Seller section according to download performance.

Someone has posted a review for my content. How do I contact them?

Unfortunately there is no way to contact the customer due to the privacy policy agreement held between Nokia and our Nokia users.

Can I remove user comments for my content item?

No. User comments cannot be removed by publishers. That said, end-users can click on Report Issue in Comments page and report questionable content and comments that will be reviewed by our teams for removal.

Can consumers request for refunds?

A consumer may request for refunds through Nokia Customer Care. Kindly note that customers will require a Nokia account in order to submit an inquiry with Nokia Customer Care. If they do not have an account, they can register at Create your Nokia account.

How can I maximize content visibility and promote my app in Nokia Store?

  • Screenshot images: Use the 3 (5 for Asha) screenshots to illustrate your application
  • Category: Select the category that best describes your application. By selecting the relevant categorization tags, you make it is easier for users to find your content under the correct category
  • Keyword: Select relevant keywords that consumers may use to search for your content in Nokia Store
  • Language and Country Distribution: Select the languages that the application supports under the ‘Distribution’ tab. Select all countries that match the supported languages from the Language/Region Distribution list. Only English content can be distributed globally.
  • Spotlight promotion:
    • The Spotlight is a strategic promotional position in Nokia Store (Both Web and Mobile) which is used to highlight various content and apps to our consumers around the world. Content that is featured in the Spotlight is selected by Nokia personnel based on a number of key strategic variables. To ensure your content is considered for Spotlight treatment, please ensure you have the correct image assets uploaded to Nokia Publish and the content has to be published in Nokia Store. If your application is selected for Spotlight treatment, you will be notified in advance of the promotion. Content that is featured in the Spotlight is selected by Nokia personnel based on a number of key strategic variables. There are many different types of Spotlight. Spotlight can be for specific region and device for the web and/or mobile Nokia Store. When your content is selected for Spotlight, you will be notified where and how your content will be Spotlighted.

Online Reports

What information is available in the Reports?

Publishers have access to reports summarizing the content downloads and estimated revenues broken down by country and device distributions online. Please be advised that the Estimated Revenue metric has been offered to date as a courtesy for publishers to use as a run-rate for their business and it does not reflect the actual amount that you receive each month.

The Estimated Revenue figure should not be used for financial or accounting purposes. Estimated Revenue does not take into consideration certain influencing factors such as: data latency, currency exchange rate fluctuations, bad debt, amount pending from operator, refunds or returns.

How long will it take for newly published content to generate download statistics in the reports?

Newly published applications take up to three days for the online reports to generate the download statistics. Thereafter, the reports should be updated within 24 hours.

Why is there a discrepancy between the number of purchases and the number of downloads per device?

Device download gives publishers visibility to device trends. The number may differ from purchase data because it counts all downloads by Nokia Publish QA for testing, consumer purchases and re-downloads.

Why is there a discrepancy between the revenue shown in the online reporting tool and the amount received in my bank?

Estimated Revenue is based on download statistics, while Actual Revenue is based on aggregated monthly revenue payments from credit card and operator payment partners. The discrepancy between Estimated and Actual revenue is due to differences in operator payment cycles.

Finance and Payouts

When will I receive payment?

You will start to receive payments once your publisher information and bank details have been validated. Payments will be made 1 month after the first month when the actual payment exceeds € 100. If the total payment for the calendar year does not exceed € 100, it will be paid out in January of the following year. However, invoices that are less than € 10 will not be paid due to high transaction fees.

How will the payment be made?

Payments will be made as a direct deposit to the bank account you provided to Nokia at the time of registration or content upload process. All payments will be made only as a direct deposit – no other payment method is supported.

What are the documents and reports that publishers receive along with the payment?

Nokia payment documentation sent along with your payments includes:

  • Invoice of your payments – an official receipt capturing the actual amount earned. This invoice also includes any Finnish advance tax applied to the original amount if you are a Finnish corporation.
  • Remittance Advice – a document of the total of the Actual Revenue amount the publisher can expect to find transferred to their bank account.

These documents are delivered to you at the email address provided to Nokia Publish while entering bank information. Detailed breakdown reports of payments will be delivered if requested. Please contact

How much money can I expect to make?

You will receive 70% of the net sales per transaction after applicable taxes.

I have reached € 100 threshold according to the Online Estimated Revenue. Why have I not been paid?

Possible reasons are:

  1. Account information: it may be that your account information is missing some required information. Please contact
  2. Banking Information: It may be possible that your banking account information is missing or incorrect. To check or add your Banking Information in Nokia Publish see [Bank Information] under the [Accounts] tab. If there is no banking information there or the information is incorrect, Nokia will not be able to make a payment to you. If you are not sure what to enter to the fields, please contact your bank.
  3. Publishers are paid only after the € 100 threshold is passed in Actual Revenue received by Nokia.
  4. Payment is usually made in the following month of the purchase. For example, revenue in August will be made at the end of September or the beginning of October.

I received my invoice. When will I receive my actual deposit?

After the arrival of your invoice, a payment is issued by Microsoft Mobile within 15 days. However, your bank may take some additional business days to process this transaction before it appears in your bank account.

Will my payment be in my local currency?

Microsoft Mobile will issue the payments in Euros. We do not support other currency in payment. Please make sure your bank account support Euros. Your receiving bank may deposit the amount to your account in ‘account currency’ which usually is your local currency if you have an intermediary account. Your bank may deduct currency conversion charges, so please contact your bank for details if you have questions.

If your bank does not support payments in Euros, contact your bank for intermediary bank details and provide the payment instructions to

What happens if my total revenue for the year does not exceed € 100?

All unpaid amounts accumulated in the previous year will be paid in full at the start of the next financial year. However, please note that the minimum amount for payment is 10 EUR.

Do I have the option of placing a hold on my payments?

To avoid multiple transaction costs per wire transfer, you have the option to place a hold on their payments. This request can be made by contacting us at Please place “Payment Hold Request: …” in the email subject line and we will process this request accordingly. You will still receive an invoice for each payout cycle; however, the remittance advice will only be sent out when the hold is lifted and payment is released. It is your responsibility to request for a hold to be lifted.

What do I need to setup to get paid?

After you login to Nokia Publish, you can enter your bank detail under Accounts > Bank information. Please always consult your bank regarding receiving international payments before entering the bank details. Incorrect and incomplete bank details will cause payment returns and delays.

Can I use my own language for the bank name and bank detail?

No, your bank name and bank details can only be in English characters.

In-app Payment

Operator billing for Nokia X and S40 in Russia

Not available at the moment. Please check out our announcement on the issue

How do I get my publisher account enabled for Nokia In-App Payment?

All publisher accounts are enabled by default for Nokia In-App Payment (NIAP). Remember to complete your bank information in order to receive payments in time.

Which devices support In-App Payment?

Nokia X, Series 40 (from 6th edition onwards) and Nokia Asha phones support Nokia In-app Payment.

Does In-App Payment metadata need to be submitted to QA to test?

Yes. Your In-App Payment metadata (in-app payment item name and price point) needs to be submitted to QA, and go live to test the in-app payment items. Once the NIAP items state changes to “Published”, you can test that your app can request metadata and purchase the item through the live Nokia Store server.

Do I need to have a SIM card inserted for In-App Payment to work?

Yes, a SIM card is required for NIAP to work.

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