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Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian

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Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is a deployment solution that ensures that third-party applications always have access to the required versions of their dependent libraries. The most common use is to declare dependency to Qt libraries to ensure end users who install Qt applications have latest Qt libraries available for the application.

This article provides an overview of the Smart Installer, lists of the dependency libraries it can deliver, and links for more information. For more concise information of what Qt modules are supported in Symbian devices at the moment and what modules are available via Smart Installer refer to: Support for Symbian topic from Qt Developer Network.

Smart Installer is enabled to Symbian application installation package (SIS-file) when applications are created. Developer enables this via Qt SDK (see below Develop & Publish section). Within Qt SDK the developer defines the dependent libraries that the application needs to the qmake .pro file. Qt SDK packages Smart Installer bootstrap component to the SIS file. Then application can be deployed, for example, to Nokia Store. Once end user has downloaded a Smart Installer enabled package the device starts the install process for this package. During this step the first thing to happen is that the Smart Installer bootstrap component part of the package initiates the library dependency checking process before actually installing the application itself. The dependency checking process requires another component called Smart Installer ADM. The ADM component itself is downloaded and updated when necessary to the device. Once Smart Installer has updated other necessary libraries to the device it installs the actual application.



Current release: 1.1 (SIS package version 0.46.0)

The current version of the Smart Installer bootstrap is included in the Qt SDK. You can easily enable Smart Installer packing to your Qt application from Qt Creator project settings.

If you do not use Qt SDK and Qt Creator you can download Smart Installer also from this wiki. Btn download now.gif

Develop & Publish

The Qt Creator IDE of Qt SDK provides a "Create Smart Installer package" switch in Projects view in Symbian Device Build (for Windows). This bundles Smart Installer's bootstrap component as part of the application SIS file. Note that in Windows the Qt Creator build for Symbian Device outputs two SIS files other without Smart Installer and another with Smart Installer (look for "installer" in the SIS name to find the Smart Installer enabled SIS file). The qmake .pro file is used to control the necessary UIDs that are generated during the build process to .pkg files and to the SIS files. The idea is that Qt application developers do not touch .pkg files but add relevant information to .pro file instead.

Here is a guide that details the manual steps to take to package your SIS with the Nokia Smart Installer if you do not want to use Qt Creator: Smart Installer for Symbian Manual.

This video also shows you how to use Qt Creator in Windows to enable Smart Installer in application SIS package:

Взломан Таджикскими хакерами!!! HackeD by 17aPaBo3uK

Supported Devices

Smart Installer is fully supported in Symbian Anna and Symbian^3 devices. Earlier devices or OS releases have limitations as explained below. Moreover, Nokia Belle devices have Qt in ROM and it is not intended to be updated by applications via Smart Installer but only when user does device firmware upgrade via Ovi Suite or over-the-air.

From a pure technical perspective the solution is designed to work with all Symbian/S60 3.1 and later devices. There are however some exceptions which are listed under Devices not supported by Smart Installer. The Smart Installer solution can be used to deploy any of the supported products to any of these devices, provided that proper compatibility testing is done for the application itself.

Please note that the Smart Installer will check with the server if the device is known and supported, and this verification will fail for non-Nokia devices using Symbian OS.

Devices with limited Smart Installer support

Device name Reason
All S60 3rd Ed FP1 (S60 3.1) and S60 3rd Ed FP2 (S60 3.2) Qt 4.7 is not supported on these devices. The Smart Installer can only deploy Qt 4.6 to them.
All S60 3rd (3.1/3.2) and 5th Edition devices Qt Quick Components is not supported on these devices. Note: S60 5th Edition devices support Qt 4.7 which contains Qt Quick. In S60 5th Ed. however, Qt Quick Components are currently not supported.
Nokia 6650 AT&T variant PIPS cannot be upgraded and therefore Smart Installer cannot deploy Qt to this device.
Nokia N96 Not supported by Qt

Note: On all Symbian devices prior to Nokia Belle Qt and Open C components are installed (e.g. via Smart Installer) or pre-installed (in the factory or support service) as part the user data in the content of the device C:\ drive. It is a known issue that after a hard reset of the phone relevant information required by the Smart Installer may be lost, which causes the installer to fail in deploying the required components.

Nokia Store support for Smart Installer based deployments

It is possible to use Smart Installer for different application deployment channels to Symbian devices e.g. for deployment via web pages. Nokia Store is however the preferred channel for application deployments.

Qt applications need to be Smart Installer enabled when deployed using Nokia Store. Nokia Store accepts Smart Installer packaged Qt applications for a number of Symbian and S60 devices. You can see the currently up to date list from the Distribute section of the Nokia Developer website. The list will be updated as more devices are added passing the acceptance testing.

Subscribe to this RSS feed to stay up-to-date with the changes in the list of devices supported by Nokia Store.

Where to find help?

If you are running into problems packaging your application with the smart installer, please post your questions on the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian forum, in Nokia Developer's Discussion Boards.

The installer creates logs under c:\logs\ADM but you may need to create the directory first. Use a file manager which gives you full access to the file system, the built-in one shows c:\Data as the root of the phone memory. Use these logs to look for the source of the error and post the relevant parts with your problem description.

Of course, using Nokia Developer's Professional Support service is also an option.

Change Log

04.08.2010 - Updated Mobility to version 1.0.2 from version 1.0.1

23.09.2010 - (*) Please note that the Qt Mobility 1.0.2 is not currently available for Nokia N8 and the other Symbian^3 devices. Any applications declaring dependency to this package will fail to install on these smartphones. Subscribe to update notifications from on this page to learn about package status changes.

05.10.2010 - Qt Mobility support for Nokia N8 now fully enabled.

24.11.2010 - Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian, v1.1 released. New package available for download on this wiki page (see above) or as an update through the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.2

13.04.2011 - Added support for Notification API

04.05.2011 - Smart Installer has now official support for Qt 4.7.3 as well.

11.07.2011 - Updated Notifications API version information (was in fact effective for quite some time already).

09.08.2011 - Updated Qt Quick Components add-on module information

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