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Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1

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Announcements.pngChallenge Complete (05 May 2014): This challenge is complete and the winners have now been announced. Thank you to all the entrants for competing, and creating so many interesting and informative articles.

Prizes will be a Nokia X device and DVLUP XP for up to five Wiki contributors.

We will also be awarding 200 DVLUP Points and XP to all qualifying contributors in this competition. XP contributes to your DVLUP reputation, and points can be redeemed for exciting DVLUP prizes.

As this is a Wiki Challenge we will be looking for great original articles, tutorials and guides that showcase the opportunities in porting high-demand, streamlined apps to Nokia X. These articles will be included in the Nokia X Developer Wiki.


Getting Started

The Nokia X software platform comes with great documentation and examples, which you can find in the Nokia X Developer's Library:

We recommend that you download the SDK and dive into the resources above.

How to participate

Write a great tutorial, guide or article with code which shows how to use the Nokia X software developer platform in useful, imaginative and innovative ways.

Your article should contain original content that enhances the existing documentation in the Wiki, libraries and SDK.

Challenge rules

Here are the Challenge rules:

  • To enter, add a link to your article as a comment to this article.
  • The article and associated Code Example are submitted under the site Terms & Conditions.
  • Articles must be written in English. Translations may be provided in other languages, but only the English version will be judged.
  • The article should include the text: {{Note|This is an entry in the [[Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1]]}}.
  • The article should include the category Nokia X.
  • Developers can create one or many articles, but there is only one potential prize, and a limit of 200 DVLUP Points and XP, per developer.
  • Teamwork is allowed and even endorsed, but only one prize and a maximum of 200 DVLUP Points and XP will be granted to a winning team. This will go to the person who creates the article initially.
  • Full terms and conditions to the Wiki Challenge can be found here.
  • The Challenge will begin when this article is publicly published on the Wiki and closes at 11:59 PM PST on 14 April 2014 (the “Challenge Period”). To be eligible for the 200 DVLUP Points and XP, entries must be timestamped before that time.
  • Judging of Entry submissions will begin as soon as the Challenge Period ends. Winners will be announced on or around 5 May 2014.

Eligibility for prizes

To be eligible for the 200 DVLUP Points and XP and consideration as a prize winner, the article must conform to the following rules and regulations:

  • The content in the article must describe how to implement code that is contained in an actual working application.
  • The submitted article must contain actionable steps for accomplishing something with the APIs. It should not explain WHAT your app does; rather it should explain HOW to recreate specific functionality within your app, so that others can create the same functionality in their own apps.
  • The attached app must be published in the Nokia Store, and a link to the store page must be included in the Wiki.
  • If the article author is in a DVLUP country, we strongly recommend that the code referenced in the wiki come from an app that the author has written her/himself and entered in one of the following DVLUP challenges:
  • Authors who are not in DVLUP countries may still participate without entering a DVLUP Challenge. However the App must still be published in the Nokia Store. Authors not in DVLUP countries are not eligible for DVLUP Points and XP, but are still eligible for prizes.
  • The submitted article must not repeat any material already published on, although it’s okay to link to existing documentation as a pre-requisite.
  • A link to the source code that shows the task described in the wiki must be included. This source code should be compilable, runnable, open-source licensed, logically commented, and preferably hosted on Github.
  • Entries must be submitted and timestamped before 11:59 PM PST on 14 April 2014.

The prizes

All winners will receive a Nokia X device and DVLUP XP. The winners of this Challenge will be some of the very first people in the world to own a Nokia X device. In addition, winning a Nokia Developer Challenge gives you instant fame and kudos in the community and promotion through Nokia Developer channels. It also looks really great on your CV!


  • The devices are not yet available in all locales (at time of writing). They will be sent as soon as they are available from the factory.
  • Unless prohibited by local law in the jurisdiction where you live, the device prizes are supplied under a "Device Access Services" warranty. In essence devices are covered by a "manufacturer fault" replacement warranty for 6 months from delivery of the original device.

We will also be awarding 200 DVLUP Points and XP to all qualifying contributors in this competition.

Evaluation of entries

Entries are judged first and foremost by the usefulness, quality and presentation of their technical information. Multiple entries are encouraged but will be assessed on their individual merits - so a single great entry will win over multiple less-good articles. Each contributor may win a maximum of one prize or 200 DVLUP Points and XP per Wiki Challenge.

The entries will be judged by the Wiki Moderation team and selected Nokia technical experts after the Challenge period. The results for the Challenge are expected to be announced three weeks after the end of the Challenge.

Need ideas?

This Wiki Challenge is open to any articles that showcase the possibilities provided by Nokia X.

Articles can highlight tips, tricks, and best practices for porting apps to Nokia X. Articles might demonstrate innovative use or combination of features, address real world use cases or provide comprehensive tutorial instruction.

As a starting point, you could consider writing about the following topics:

  • Techniques, tips and tricks for porting apps to Nokia X:
    • Apps
    • Games
    • Photo or video apps
    • Audio apps
    • Maps or geo apps
  • Leveraging Nokia X APIs to create amazing app/game experiences
  • Techniques, tips and tricks for using the Nokia X platform
  • Integrating cross-platform frameworks with Nokia X, including:
    • Analytics
    • Notifications systems
    • Game leaderboards
    • Advertising
    • Video players
    • Audio players
    • Entertainment platforms
  • Using Nokia push notifications with Nokia X
  • Using the Nokia X with third-party application platforms such as Sencha, Phonegap, and QT
  • Using existing Asha code on Nokia X
  • Tips and tricks for getting your app published in the Nokia Store
  • Tips and tricks for monetizing apps on Nokia X platform
  • Tips and tricks for creating elegant user interfaces for Nokia X apps

You can also view the results from our last Wiki Challenge to get an idea of what types of articles are generally considered helpful. Don’t feel you need to stick to these ideas though; feel free to come up with your own topics, as long as the article has a “How to code” focus.

Challenge entries

All qualifying entries are listed below.

Internal Entries:

The Winners

The winners are listed below.

  1. Spyridon Antonellos (spiretos ) for the article Creating widgets for your Nokia X platform applications
    • This article explains how to create app widgets for Nokia X that look and behave like Windows Phone Live Tiles. App widgets give users home-screen access to important application information.
  2. Shai Ifrach (shai.i ) for the article Cross-platform development for Nokia X & Asha
    • This article explains how to migrate Asha LWUIT apps to Codenameone so they can be published on the Nokia X platform. We liked this article because it clearly explains to Asha developers how they can repurpose their code so it works on Nokia X.
  3. Pardeep Sharma (pardeepsharma10 ) for the article Integrating Vserv Ads in Nokia X.
    • This article explains how to integrate Vserv Ads into Nokia X applications using the Vserv Android SDK. The Vserv Ad Network is a good monetization option, and this article gives guidance on how to make it work with Nokia X.
  4. tbr23 (tbr23 ) for the article Qt apps on NokiaX
    • This article explains how to develop applications for NokiaX using Qt. In particular, it explains how to set up the Qt tools to work with Nokia X. It should be of particular interest to Qt developers who wish to publish on the Nokia X platform.
  5. Jan Hoffmann (_jan_ ) for the article Custom theme on Nokia X
    • This article explains how to create a custom theme for Nokia X devices for your app. The theme is selected at runtime, so you can use the same codebase and even the same application package for Nokia X and other Android devices. The example discussed in the wiki article focuses on the action bar.

We could only choose five winners, but many of the other submissions were excellent as well. Writing a wiki article accompanied by sample code is a huge achievement. In recognition of this we will be awarding authors of all qualifying submissions with 200 DVLUP Points and XP.

Please join me to congratulate all the winners on the discussion boards.

Information for Nokia Employees

Nokia employees and contractors are eligible for this contest with the following limitations:

  • You should use only the published tools and resources - "eat your own dog food"
  • Submissions from the Nokia employees will be judged and prized separately from 3rd party developers. We've reserved 5 Monster headsets for the best Nokia entries.

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