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Nokia X known issues

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Platform and devices

The values for xdpi and ydpi in the DisplayMetrics object, which should return the exact DPI of the device, return incorrect values.

These features are not supported in Nokia X software platform 1.0/Nokia X devices:

  • Magnetometer sensor
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Libwvm (Widevine DRM lib)
  • Flash player
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Front camera (Not available on Nokia X / Nokia X+ - available on Nokia XL)
  • Camera autofocus (Not available on Nokia X / Nokia X+ - available on Nokia XL)
  • Speech recognition service
  • WMV Codec
  • VP8 video coded
  • WebP image coded
  • NFC
  • 3rd party launcher support is limited. Notifications will not be shown for user if 3rd party launcher is active
  • Scrolling within homescreen widgets and resizing widgets
  • Google services (porting needed): IAB, licensing, maps, push notifications
  • APK expansion files
  • Saving bookmarks to web browser from 3rd party apps
  • SpellCheckerService does not exist
  • There is no default handler for android.provider.MediaStore.RECORD_SOUND intent

SDK and emulator

  • Mac installer is not properly signed. To be able to install, you need to change Mac security settings to allow installation from any sources.
  • Video mode does not work in emulator camera.
  • Changed IMEI and MCC/MNC values reset to default values on restart of the emulator, unless Snapshot is selected in AVD emulation options.
  • People and Messaging apps may fail to respond occasionally.

Nokia In-App Payment

  • Nokia In-App Payment (NIAP) purchases may fail on some operator SIM cards:
    • US based developers should use T-Mobile as preferred operator during testing. Data connection is needed.
  • getPurchases() does not return developer payload. In addition, aforementioned key in JSON object is misspelled in initial version of NIAP enabler: develperPayLoad. To ensure compatibility, it is recommended to use optString("developerPayload"); instead of getString(...).

Nokia Notifications

  • Nokia Notifications client registration may fail in some cases. Usually this is caused by not unregistering from the server before re-register.


  • There have been some issues with proxy settings, and it would be recommended to use the API only with environments not requiring proxy.
  • Wrapper API for Google Maps v1:
    • The release contains a beta version of the v1 wrapper, which is safe to use for all application development, but with custom overlays in emulator may cause heavy flickering on the screen.
  • Wrapper API for Google Maps v2:
    • The HERE Maps v2 Reference SDK currently supports applications that were created using Google Maps Android API v2 Revision 9 (July 2013) or earlier. Developers using later revisions of the Google Maps v2 APIs may notice some unavailable functionality. For the list of missing classes and methods, please see the porting guide.
    • Note that there have been reports that in some cases the first time you run the ported application it might give null-pointer exception. If this happens, simply try relaunching the application to see whether the problem was happening only once with first launch event.

Nokia Store and publishing

  • At the moment, submitted APK files which certificates expire between 2100 and 2133 will fail validation. The Store team is working on the issue and the bug should be fixed very soon.
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