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Nokia X services SDK release notes

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Nokia X services SDK release notes for all published versions.

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Created: (19 Jun 2014)
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Nokia X services SDK 2.0

June 24th 2014


The Nokia X services SDK 2.0 provides a development, testing and debugging environment for developing apps based on Nokia X software platform 2.0. Nokia X software platform 2.0 is built on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) v4.3, which supports API level 18. Nokia X services SDK includes an emulator, Nokia X service APIs for HERE maps, Nokia Notifications and Nokia In-App Payment, Nokia X Device Definitions and a Nokia X USB driver.

New features

  • Nokia X services SDK 2.0 installer supports both Nokia X software platform 1.1 and Nokia X software platform 2.0.
  • Nokia X services updated for Nokia X software platform 2.0.
  • Code samples updated for Nokia X software platform 2.0
  • Enhanced look and feel of the Nokia X Analyser plug-in.
  • New Device Definition added for the Nokia X2 device.
  • x86 and ARM system images are included.
  • Opera Browser is integrated in the emulator.
  • Nokia X System Image is now "Nokia X software platform 1.1".

Known issues

  • When you install Nokia X services SDK 2.0 on top of Nokia X services SDK 1.1, you can still see the old "Nokia X System Image" name appearing during the update. After the installation, this is updated to "Nokia X software platform 1.1 ".
  • Existing AVDs fail to launch after a fresh install or update of the Nokia X services SDK 2.0. If you encounter this issue, ensure that you delete the existing AVDs and recreate them.
  • On Mac OS when you try to install Nokia X services SDK 2.0, depending on your security settings, you might get an error message displaying "Nokia X services SDK cannot be opened because it is from unidentified developer". If this happens, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and under Allow applications downloaded from, select Anywhere. Then launch the installer again.

Nokia X Services SDK 1.1

April 29th 2014

Download Nokia X Services SDK 1.1


Terms and condition changes for the following:

New features

  • Support for setting aliases for In-app Purchase Product IDs in Publish tool - allows developers easier reuse of In-app Purchase items created for other versions of their app.
  • HERE reference libraries updated. The following reference wrapper libraries with new namespaces are added for enabling one APK package strategy with HERE and Google Maps v1/v2:
    • HERE v1 - <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\libs\here\
    • HERE v2 - <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\libs\here\nokia-x-here-maps-wrapper-v2
  • Support One APK strategy for HERE Maps and Google Maps.
  • Updated Nokia In-App Payment enabler.
  • Support One APK for Nokia In-App Payment and Google Billing.
  • Added the following samples:
    • <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\samples\niap\PaymentOneAPK
    • <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\samples\here\MapsV1OneApk
    • <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\samples\here\\MapsV2OneApk
  • Updated the sample: <android-sdk>\extras\nokia\nokia_x_services\samples\niap\PepperFarmSimulatorPepperFarmSimulator
  • Repository-based install/update for Android Studio - Nokia X Code Samples plug-in.


  • The build target is now changed to "Nokia X System Image (4.1.2)".
  • Add-on manufacturer is now changed to "Nokia", which was earlier "Unknown".
  • Nokia X Eclipse Extensions are now signed.
  • Android Studio sample plug-in support for Linux and Mac.
  • Nokia X Code Samples now include a Readme.html file.
  • Nokia X Analyser (offline) text updates.

Nokia Services SDK 1.0

February 24th 2014

Initial release.

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