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Notes Usability

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Notes display short messages to the user. Usually a note is displayed on the screen for a few seconds, but the user can also dismiss it sooner. In graphical user interfaces, a Notes is a special window, used in user interfaces to display information to the user.

Depending on your requirement, design an application in such a way that note can show meaningful message


Confirmation note is used to show successfully completed operation. The symbol at right side of dialog confirm the user that operation completed successfully. Use confirmation note when the effect of the operation cannot be seen directly by user.

Good confirmation note example

Bad confirmation note example

Information note is used to show an unexpected situation occur in application. An information note should be used when an error that can be rectified occurs. Information note can note be used to show error message.

Good information note example

Bad information note example

Warning notes can be used to notify user about some action. It should also play a warning tone. for example battery is low.

Good warning note example

Use Error notes if the user does something that may cause considerable harm immediately or later.

Good error note example

Bad error note example

Use wait note when you are doing processing that take long time. It does not, however, indicate how long the processing will take. it should provide option for user to cancel the operation, if they choose. for example connecting to remote server. provide a softkey to cancel the processing, if user want.

Good wait note example

Bad wait note example

Progress notes is also used to show the processing that take long time. it also indicate how much processing has been done and how much is still left. it should provide option for user to cancel the operation, if they choose.for example downloading data from remote server.

Good progress note example

Bad progress note example

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